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Dota 2: Newbee is Going to The International 9 – Acquires Forward Gaming Roster

Newbee The International Dota 2

The Professional Dota 2 scene has always been one of the most interesting ones to follow. This claim is backed up yet again with another amazing turn of events – despite their abysmal performance, missed opportunities and more, Newbee will be going to TI 9. But wait, there is a catch to it – they acquired Forward Gaming’s roster.

What Happened

Yawar, CCnC, Sneakying, MSS, and pieliedie were left without a team after Forward Gaming seized operations due to financial reasons. Many people expected some other NA organization to step in and take them under their belt.

However, out of the blue came the Chinese Dota 2 titan and the TI 4 champions Newbee. They failed to qualify with their main Chinese roster after one of their worst seasons ever.

This seems to be a deal exclusive for The International 9. There are rules that state an organization can not have multiple teams in DPC tournaments. There is no current information on what will happen after the tournament. It will probably all come down to the performance of the ex FG at TI 9.

*Update: Newbee's new team will only compete at TI 9.

Here is what Newbee had to say on Facebook:

“Newbee and the players, coach, and manager of former Forward Gaming have come to an agreement that the team will be representing Newbee, as well as NA DotA, in the upcoming TI9.

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We would like to thank the players, coach, and manager for putting their trust in Newbee and we wish them the best of luck.”

Newbee The International 2019 Lineup:

Yawar ”YawaR” Hassan

Quinn ”CCnC” Callahan

Jingjun ”Sneyking” Wu

Arif “MSS-” Anwar

Johan “pieliedie” Åström

Coach: Kurtis ”Aui_2000” Ling

Manager: Jack ”KBBQ” Chen

Image via: Wykrhm's Facebook

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