Dota 2: Na’Vi signs CemaTheSlayer

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Dota 2: Na’Vi signs CemaTheSlayer

The Ukrainian powerhouse has a new player in its roster.

One of Dota 2’s most legendary teams is back to a full roster once more. You might have forgotten, but Na’Vi played with four players since February, after the entire fiasco around Bakyt “Zayac” Emilzhanov, who decided to make a move towards Virtus.Pro.

Now, one and a half months later, T1 champions are back yet again. The player who will fill in the gap left by Emilzhanov is Semion “CemaTheSlayer” Kirivula. Kirivula has actually been on a trial for a little while, but now Na’Vi confirmed that he is here to stay.


“We are glad to welcome Semion.” Said Igor “caff” Sydorenko, the team's manager. “Despite the difficulties which we experienced after Leipzig, he quickly joined the team and turned out to be the teammate that was needed. I am sure that with him we will be able to progress further and achieve our goal this season”.

What now?

We are still not sure who will take the captain role in Na’Vi. On theory, it should be CemaTheSlayer because he has a lof experience in such a position. As you know, he used to be the captain of Vega Squadron, which is one of Na’Vi’s biggest rivals.

Be sure to watch the amazing WeSave! Charity Play tournament that starts tonight. As you know, it will feature the absolute best teams in the world who will go head to head for one good cause -to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apart from Na’Vi, we will also see teams such as Team Secret, Nigma, Vici Gaming, B8, and so on. Of course, viewers will also be joined by some of the best broadcast talents in the world. In addition to English, there will also be a Russian stream.


Dota 2: Na’Vi signs CemaTheSlayer
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