Dota 2: Liquid Say Goodbye to Matumbaman

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Dota 2: Liquid Say Goodbye to Matumbaman

Team Liquid has announced that they will be benching long time mid player, Lasse ‘Matumbaman’ Urpalainen. Just 10 days before the next Major DPC event.

Liquid said the decision was a mutual one and made with the best interest of both Matumbaman's future and the team in mind.

The 24-year old from Finland has been part of Team Liquid since 2014. As well as part of the team's TI7 winning roster back in 2017.

Well known for his skill on heroes like Broodmother, Lone Druid and Lycan. Matumbaman has become an iconic part of the Liquid lineup. Team Liquid has struggled with some disappointing performances earlier this year. However, after landing second place in their recent run at the MDL Disneyland Major, it looked like a return to form for the TI winning team. Matumbaman's departure will definitely leave a hole in Liquid's lineup. It’s hard to imagine who will be able to replace him on the team's roster.

We can expect to hear an announcement about Matu's replacement in the coming days. Still, with the final Major of this DPC season, EPICENTER, beginning on June 22, it will be interesting to see how the roster shuffle will affect the team's performance at the event.

According to Liquid's announcement they'll be preparing a tribute to Matumbaman, ‘one that will properly commemorate all that we've accomplished as a team.'

You can read the full statement on Team Liquid’s Twitter.

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