Dota 2: is back in the game

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Dota 2: is back in the game

Here is the newest team on the horizon LGD.International

The first rumors about the return of LGD.International began a couple of months go. Finally, after many reports, we finally know the names of all five players who will be on the team.

New Roster

LGD.International’s roster is as follows:

  • Christian “Skadi” John Abasolo
  • Wang “Gy” Kok Guan
  • Rick Lee “darly” Ryc Kee
  • Yuri “Yowe” Dave Pacana
  • Pang “BrayanNt” Jian Zhe

As you can see, the new roster is a fresh combination of players. Even though most of them are famous in their regions, Skadi is definitely the most popular one. He was a part of a SEA team called Neon, where he played very well. However, after the unfortunate DPC qualifiers, he decided that it’s time to move on.

Although we have no official information, we’re likely going to see the new roster in action very soon. After all, the qualifiers for the Los Angeles Major are just around the corner. Despite the fact that this team is fresh, they will definitely be a heavy contender.

Dota 2: is back in the game
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