Dota 2: LGD.Int is back

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Dota 2: LGD.Int is back

It looks like LGD.Int is back as LGD Gaming announce they're forming an SEA team.

The Chinese Dota 2 organizations have always tried to find new talents. Although Valve explicitly added a rule saying that “in cases where one organization or person has ownership in multiple teams, only one of those teams will be eligible to compete in The International, regardless of the DPC qualifying points.”

In other words, the idea is not to allow one organization to have more than one team. Despite that, the Chinese teams clearly have no intention to stop what they do. For instance, iG has iG Vitality and Vici Gaming has Vici Gaming Potential. However, they are not even close to Dota 2 teams in comparison to LGD.

Historically speaking, LGD always had more than one Dota 2 team, at least until a couple of months ago. In case you didn’t know, LGD “owned” CDEC Gaming, the same team that reached the TI 5 Grand Final a couple of years ago. Also, let’s not forget LGD Forever Young, a very capable squad as well.

If you’ve been following the Dota 2 scene for a while, you might remember that LGD even had an international team called LGD International that was composed of European players. Players such as Rasmus “MiSERY” Filipsen and more played under this banner during TI 3. Sadly, after they failed to achieve much, the team ceased to exist.

New Beginning

It seems like LGD decided it’s high time to have a second team. That’s why they’ve just announced on twitter that they will be forming once more. However, instead of being based in Europe, this time it will be in SEA. According to the information, we will know more about it on November 26, 2019.

Dota 2: LGD.Int is back
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