GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 – Group A Recap

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GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 – Group A Recap

A recap of Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai Group A.

The Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai Group A has ended with both groups offering some incredible matches. We go through each match in brief to summarize the scenario of Group A. You can also check out the recap of Group B here.

TSM Vs Nigma Galaxy

Having an equal standing in the early minutes, it was Nigma who took the lead first. Although TSM tried to come back in the game, Nigma kept the lead and was dominating on the scoreboard. The ending scoreline was 10-30 in Nigma’s favor.

Team Spirit Vs Tundra Esports

Tundra struggled in the early game, and constant pressure from Spirit left them with no space. Team Spirit had a very gank-heavy lineup with Queen Of Pain, Ember Spirit and Bane to play around the map. With an early lead in kills and net worth, Spirit was looking to win the match. However, Tundra played well to pick off enemy heroes and secure a Roshan to turn the game around. Tundra won the match with a score of 21-34.

Fnatic Vs Nigma Galaxy

The early minutes of the match were neck and neck as both teams looked to get a break. It was Nigma who were looking more likely to dictate the match in the mid-game. However, Fnatic kept the game level with an amazing fight before the 20-minute mark. After a series of fights for the lead, it was Nigma who got ahead and won the match. The ending score read 30-40.

Fnatic Vs Team Spirit

Fnatic was aggressive and pulled off a lead from early to mid-game. At around 16-minutes, they were 5k gold ahead. It was not looking like Fnatic was playing against the former champions of Dota 2. Carefree and attacking Dota from Fnatic had Spirit in the bounds. With an astonishing net worth lead of 17k at 27 minutes into the game, Fnatic won the match. The scoreline towards the end was 13-40.

Team Spirit Vs Nigma Galaxy

A balanced match in the starting phases, Spirit had a slight edge with an Aegis on their Templar Assassin. It was after 15-minutes that Spirit took some lead and carried their momentum further. With more advantage and space, Spirit won the match with a score of 35-25.

TSM Vs Team Spirit

An active start to the match saw both teams engage in small skirmishes on the map. Team Spirit was ahead on the scoreboard with more kills in the early game. Before the 30-minute mark, a huge fight broke out near the river and gave Spirit more advantage. The difference in net worth increased to 9k and Spirit won the match with a score of 31-14 in 32 minutes.

TSM Vs Tundra Esports

The game was very balanced even at the start of mid-game with Tundra having more kills. Around 13-minutes Tundra pulled forward with a good fight against TSM. With Io and Sven roaming around the map, TSM was getting battered. Unable to respond to Tundra’s aggressive play, TSM lost 27-6 in a one-sided way.

Fnatic Vs Tundra Esports

The match saw both teams fight a lot in the early game. Both of them had heroes with low cooldown spells and they were very active around the map. Tundra got the lead first and was 3k gold ahead along with an Aegis. However, even after taking Roshan two times, Tundra was facing problems in finishing the fights and pushing objectives. After an amazing fight around the 30-minute mark, Tundra finally got the break and pushed high ground. Eventually, Fnatic was too far behind to fight and defend. Tundra won 20-17 in 37 minutes.

Tundra Esports Vs Nigma Galaxy

Small skirmishes and fights were a part of the early minutes between these two. Nigma’ s Clockwerk along with Tiny and Weaver was proving to be a lethal gank combo. Around 14-minutes into the game, Nigma was ahead by 3k gold. Nigma kept playing fast and Tundra couldn’t react to their aggression. After the mid-game, Tundra was completely helpless and Nigma won the match. The ending score was 45-13.

TSM Vs Fnatic

TSM were quick to assert their dominance against Fnatic in the early minutes. Before 10 minutes, TSM had a 4k gold lead with just a few more kills. Building on their lead, TSM kept the pressure and didn’t let Fnatic crawl back into the game. At around 23 minutes, Fnatic was 8k gold behind and could not make plays to change that. The ending score was 11-28 in TSM’s favor.

Tiebreaker – TSM Vs Fnatic

The Tiebreaker for the fourth and fifth position resulted in TSM’s victory. Although Fnatic was getting kills early in the match, the net worth was not in their favor. The match picked up pace in the mid-game, with both teams fighting a lot. Fnatic was getting a lot of kills, but TSM was not too far behind in terms of farm. At around 20-minutes, the game changed with an awful fight for Fnatic. We could see how unpredictable Dota 2 is when TSM took the lead and Aegis to win the match. The ending score was 18-17.

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