GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 Playoffs – LB Round 1 Recap

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GAMERS GALAXY: Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai 2022 Playoffs – LB Round 1 Recap

Highlights of Dota 2 Invitational Series Dubai first round of Lower Bracket.

The first round of Upper Bracket games saw Tundra beat BOOM, one of the best teams in the competition. Nigma Galaxy also played well to defeat OG. Check the full recap here.
We now see OG and BOOM Esports face Team Spirit and Team Secret, who scraped through the Play-Ins. Here are some of the important moments from the Invitational Series Dubai Lower Bracket:

OG Vs Team Spirit


We got to see some real action in the opening minutes of the first match. As both teams fought to take a lead, it was Spirit who were successful. Just after the 10-minute mark, Spirit got the Aegis and cruised forward in net worth. At 15 minutes into the match, Spirit were 4k ahead in net worth, which proved to be significant in their victory. Although OG were resilient, they couldn’t face Spirit in fights and lost 13-26 in 38 minutes.


Filled with intelligent rotations in the early minutes, the second match was interesting to watch. OG were the first to get ahead with a 4k lead, 15 minutes into the game. However, Spirit were aggressive too and took their opportunities. However, OG played better and had a 6-7k lead before 30 minutes. OG punished Spirit’s half-hearted attempts at fighting. After the 40-minute mark, OG had over 20k gold lead. The ending scoreline was 36-26 in OG’s favor.


The third match saw a series of fights in the early game. Most of them were overextended skirmishes which both teams wanted to conclude in their favor. It was Spirit who got ahead with a 5k lead at around 23-minutes into the game. OG struggled to stay in the game as Spirit were quick to close them down and not give them an inch of space. With a 14k gold lead at around 32 minutes, Spirit won the match. The scoreline at the end was 14-27 in Spirit’s favor.

BOOM Esports Vs Team Secret


Filled with confidence, BOOM started the match on the front foot. After a few small fights, Secret started responding well to BOOM’s aggression. Although BOOM were dominating on the scoreboard, Secret were not far behind in terms of farm. It was only after a big fight around the 23-minute mark that broke the deadlock. Which saw BOOM get a 5k lead. Around 45 minutes, BOOM were 10k ahead. Even though it was taking BOOM a lot to keep Secret down and push the high ground, they managed to achieve it. The scoreline, in the end, was 27-51 in an hour-long game.


In the second match, we saw both teams execute some beautiful plays in the early game. BOOM’s Timothy John “Tims” Randrup played well with Hoodwink and kept launching perfect Bushwhacks to create ruthless combos with the other heroes. Around the 18-minute mark, BOOM won a huge fight to gain a 7k gold lead. With the help of an Aegis, BOOM completely dominated the rest of the match and won 34-12 under 25 minutes.

Stay tuned on ESTNN for Upper Bracket Finals and other Lower Bracket games.

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