Dota 2: Invictus Gaming to Attend ESL One Birmingham 2020

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Dota 2: Invictus Gaming to Attend ESL One Birmingham 2020

Invictus Gaming are confirmed for ESL One Birmingham.

Just one day after we learned that Evil Geniuses will be the third team to attend ESL One Birmingham, we now know the name of the fourth one as well. Invictus Gaming is one of the Chinese teams that changed its roster a lot. As a result, they are now finally capable of challenging some of the top teams in the world.

You may have forgotten, but last year, IG barely made it to this ESL One Event. Unfortunately, they were unable to win the qualifiers and ended up second. However, they will now get a chance to redeem themselves after that direct invitation.

The tournament itself will take place roughly two and a half months from now, in May of 2020. We will see 12 of the best teams in the world (currently, we only know about 4) go head to head for a $300k USD prize pool.

Most likely, we will see four more direct invites in the upcoming weeks. However, the other teams who want to play here will have to go through the regional qualifiers.

Despite the fact that the TI 2 days are long gone, many people still remember how strong IG was. Unfortunately, the team hasn't been able to recover after so many years. However, we can finally say that they are on the right track, after going through so many roster changes in the last couple of years.

Sadly, IG is still just a mere shadow of their former glory and will need to step it up big time to prove they're still true contenders.

Dota 2: Invictus Gaming to Attend ESL One Birmingham 2020
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