Dota 2: iG withdraw from ESL One Hamburg 2019; Sumail is back

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Dota 2: iG withdraw from ESL One Hamburg 2019; Sumail is back

It seems like the visa issues are back for Dota 2 players in full force yet again. Just two days ago, Geek Fam announced that they won’t attend the tournament due to the same problem. Today, it turns out that the Chinese powerhouse iG will do the same.

Invictus Gaming

Theis legendary Dota 2 team was underperforming for many years in a row. In fact, ever since they won TI 2 a long time ago, they couldn’t really make their mark on the big stage. However, it seems like they have finally made the proper roster changes. They were able to deal with some of the best teams in China in order to get this spot. Unfortunately, the visa issues will prevent them from competing in Hamburg.

What Next?

We now know that Alliance is the one that will swap out for Geek Fam. That said, the Wind and Rain are going to be taking the place of iG. Even though they are not that famous, they are still a very prominent team. Indeed, this will be their biggest challenge yet, so hopefully, we will see them in their full glory.

ESL One Hamburg is due to begin in just a week from now. We can only hope that there won’t be any more visa issues. Despite the fact that it’s not a DPC event, it still features some of the best teams in the world. They will be fighting for fame, glory and a $300K USD prize pool.


Sumail “SumaiL” Hassan recently announced his departure from Quincy Crew. This happened literally hours after his team qualified for Summit 11. Despite that, ESL announced that he will be playing in the tournament. He will reunite with his old team-mates yet again in hope of winning this awesome tournament.


Dota 2: iG withdraw from ESL One Hamburg 2019; Sumail is back
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