Dota 2: How to Play The Lich in 7.31d

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Dota 2: How to Play The Lich in 7.31d

You can learn how to play the Lich in 7.31d to improve your team tactics in Dota 2.

The Lich is a bone-chilling hero who can use ice to slow his opponents and send shivers down their spines. The intelligence hero has several abilities that enable him to cast spells that can deal frost damage to his enemies in a radius. Professional Dota 2 players that prefer to play the support role can pick the Lich to scour the map for team fights. 

The ranged hero has an increased mana pool that lets him nuke his enemies into running back to their base. The Lich can disable multiple enemies at once and lure them toward him during battles. He is an excellent choice against durable Strength heroes that can tank a good amount of damage in Dota 2. 

The Lich – Stats

How to Play the Lich in 7.31D - The Lich at base

The Lich has 550 range for his physical attacks. He has 600 HP and 363 mana at the start of the game. The Lich has one of the highest Intelligence gains per level in the game. Leveling up provides 3.6 stats to his Intelligence and can be pivotal to his role in Dota 2. He has 295 movement speed to help him roam the map. 

The recent changes made to The Lich in 7.31D have reduced the mana cost of Frost Blast from 170 to 140. Nuking enemies with Frost Blast has become easier due to the decreased mana cost. You can also purchase an Aghanim’s Scepter to enable the Lich to cast spells while using Sinister Gaze on his opponents.

Best Lanes to Farm for The Lich 

How to Play the Lich in 7.31D - The Lich takes control of the mid lane

The Lich can take the mid lane in most Dota 2 games. The mid lane allows the Lich to level up faster than the other lanes. You can max out Frost Blast and gain at least one level of Chain Frost by farming in the mid lane. 

Make sure you plant plenty of Observer Wards while farming in the mid lane. Observer Wards provide a vision that lets you take advantage of lone enemy heroes attacking neutral creeps in the forest. You can signal your allies to close in on an enemy hero and nuke them with your magical spells to obliterate them in battle. 

You can also farm in the offlane to gain gold while playing the Lich. The offlane makes it easier to buy items such as Energy Booster, Point Booster, Void Stone, and Mystic Staff from the Secret Shop. You can plant an Observer Ward near the Secret Shop to avoid being ambushed by enemies when you are farming in the offlane. 

Best Items to Buy for The Lich

Arcane Boots – 1300 Gold

  • Boots of Speed – 500 gold
  • Energy Booster – 800 gold

How to Play the Lich in 7.31D - The Lich participates in a team fight

Arcane Boots provides 250 mana and 45 movement speed for the Lich. Frost Blast can cost you 140 mana per cast, Frost Shield requires 130 mana, and Chain Frost needs 420 mana in the game. Purchasing an Arcane Boots can give the Lich a sufficient mana pool to nuke foes with his abilities. 

The support hero can use Arcane Boots to replenish the mana of his allies by 175. You can also disassemble Arcane Boots at any time to obtain an Energy Booster that can be used to create other items. Arcane Boots can be bought before the first 5 minutes of the game to be most effective for the Lich. 

Aether Lens – 2275 Gold

  • Energy Booster – 800 gold
  • Void Stone – 825 gold
  • Recipe 650 gold

Aether Lens grants its users 300 mana and 2.5 mana regeneration. The item increases the cast range of your abilities and allows the Lich to nuke heroes at a further distance with Frost Blast and  Chain Frost. 

Aghanim’s Scepter – 4200 Gold

  • Point Booster – 1200 gold
  • Staff of Wizardry – 1000 gold
  • Ogre Axe – 1000 gold
  • Blade of Alacrity – 1000 gold

How to Play the Lich in 7.31D - The Lich uses Aghanim's Scepter to lure enemies toward him

Aghanim’s Scepter can boost the ultimate ability of heroes in Dota 2, making these spells even more effective in battle. You can equip the Aghanim’s Scepter on the Lich to let him cast Sinister Gaze on more than one hero in a radius. 

The Lich gains 200 health and 120 mana from the Aghanim’s Scepter. You can cast Chain Frost and other spells while channeling Sinister Gaze using the item. Purchasing an Aghanim’s Shard lets you use Ice Spire to kill opponents with Chain Frost when there is no other enemy hero in the vicinity. Chain Frost can bounce off of Ice Spire an unlimited amount of times after you reach level 25 in the game.

Octarine Core – 5275 Gold  

  • Aether Lens – 2275 gold
  • Soul Booster – 3000 gold

Octarine Core is used by tons of Intelligence heroes to reduce the cooldown of their abilities and items. It provides 725 mana, 425 health, and 3 mana regeneration. The item also extends the range of casted spells by 225. 

Chain Frost has a 60 second cooldown that can make the Lich less effective during battle. Ocarina Core can reduce the cooldown of Chain Frost by 25%, giving the Lich adequate time to use the spell during numerous team fights in the game. The abilities of Octarine Core can stack with other items that reduce the cooldown, including the Quickening Charm. 

Fun Combos to Try with The Lich


Tidehunter is a Strength hero who can disable enemies with his might. Taking the Lich in a team with Tidehunter can slow your enemies and deal massive damage to them using spells. Tidehunter can nuke opponents using Gush to deal 260 damage and slow their movement speed by 40%. Equipping an Aghanim Scepter for Tidehunter can turn his Gush into an ability that affects enemy units in a wave. 

If you’re trying to ambush more than one enemy, wait for the Tidehunter to use Blink Dagger to enter the fight. Tidehunter can use Gush and Ravage to slow and stun enemies around him. Ravage deals 400 damage to enemies in a 1250 radius. The Lich can use Chain Frost while the enemies are stunned by Ravage to wipe them out with his ultimate ability. You can also try this combo with Axe in your team for increased effectiveness and to disable your enemies for a longer duration. 

Winter Wyvern 

Winter Wyvern is a support hero who can use her abilities to restrain the enemy team. The Intelligence hero can use Splinter Blast to deal 340 damage to enemies in a 500 radius. Splinter Blast decreases the movement speed of all the enemy units hit by the spell. The Lich can use Frost Blast to damage opponents who have been hit by Splinter Blast and reduce their movement speed by an additional 30%. 

Casting Winter’s Curse on enemy heroes can disable them for 5.5 seconds, giving your team a chance to flee difficult battles. The Lich can use Chain Frost while Winter’s Curse is activated to annihilate the team within seconds. 

Cold Embrace is an ability of Winter Wyvern that can help your allies heal for a portion of their health. It can also prevent them from taking damage from physical attacks while healing. The Lich can use Frost Shield on allies affected by Cold Embrace to decrease the movement speed of enemies around them and reduce their damage.  

Faceless Void 

Faceless Void is an agility hero who can prove to be an effective ally for the Lich. The melee hero can easily walk in and out of battles using Time Walk. The Lich can cast Frost Shield on Faceless Void to increase his survivability during fights. Frost Shield can reduce the incoming damage of enemy heroes by up to 60%. 

Winning team fights can be crucial for victory in Dota 2. Faceless Void can use Chronosphere to freeze enemies in place for 5 seconds. The Lich can use Chain Frost on enemies that are trapped inside the Chronosphere to take them out using magical damage. The Chronosphere and Chain Frost combo has worked for many Dota 2 teams over the years and can be a solid strategy for defeating your enemies in the game. 

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