Dota 2 How to Increase Your Kill Streaks

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Dota 2 How to Increase Your Kill Streaks

Getting a Beyond Godlike streak in Dota 2 can get your adrenaline pumping. Find out how to increase your kill streaks in the game. 

Dota 2 has a wide range of heroes with a versatile set of abilities. These heroes can wage war and dominate the game with their prowess on the battlefield. Several factors can affect your gameplay in Dota 2, including the lanes that you farm in, the items that you can craft, and the team fight that you participate in. Take a look at the best strategies to help you increase your kill streak in Dota 2. 

Best Heroes You Can Pick to Increase Your Kill Streaks 


Axe gets a killing spree in Dota 2

Axe is a tank hero capable of obliterating hordes of enemies within seconds. The Strength hero can be quite effective against enemies from the start of the game. His abilities are designed to provoke enemies into attacking him, giving Axe’s team a chance to close in on opponents and ambush them. 

You can increase your kill streaks by maxing out Berserker’s Call. You’ll need at least one level of Counter Helix to help Axe get kills while Berseker’s Call is activated. Purchasing a Blink Dagger and Blade Mail for Axe can be crucial to increasing your kill count. The armor you gain from Berseker’s Call and Blade Mail will also protect Axe from incoming damage. Axe can hunt for heroes on the map and annihilate enemies with Culling Blade to get consecutive kills in Dota 2.  

Dragon Knight 

Dragon Knight has an overwhelming set of skills that make him exceptional at getting kills. The melee hero has a base movement speed of 310, allowing him to chase enemies and decimate them. His ability, Dragon Tail, lets him stun enemies for 2.3 seconds. Dragon Tail can break heroes on the battlefront and keep them from using their abilities. 

Breathe Fire is a handy ability that deals 320 damage to enemies. You can use it on opponents with low health to get quick kills. Dragon Knight is fuelled by Dragon Blood, providing up to 12 health regeneration and 12 armor in the game. His Elder Dragon Form provides unique attacks that deal damage to units in a radius, increasing his chances of getting multiple kills while engaging with enemies. 


Zeus can nuke enemies into submission. He is one of the best heroes in Dota 2 to increase your kill streaks. His abilities enable him to strike enemies from a great distance. Lightning Bolt can be used by esports enthusiasts to deal 350 damage to wounded enemies with one spell. You can use Lightning Bolt and Arc Lightning to punish enemies with magical damage. Make sure you have Arcane Boots and Aether Lens to provide sufficient mana to encourage his kill streaks. 

Watch out for your team during team fights and wait for the right moment to use Thundergod’s Wrath on your opponents. Most Dota 2 games provide numerous chances to get Double Kills and Triple Kills with Zeus using Thundergod’s Wrath. 

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend is an Agility hero that is favored by Dota 2 players for his knack of constantly getting kills throughout the game. He gets 3 instances of Shadowraze, a spell that can deal 900 damage to enemies. The ranged hero can instantly destroy 2 – 3 enemies by using Shadowraze right after unleashing Requiem of Souls. 

His ultimate ability deals 160 damage for every soul that he captures. Requiem of Souls can be upgraded to gain more souls with Necromastery. Shadow Fiend can threaten enemies with his presence and decrease their armor by being around them. You can use Silver Edge and Blink Dagger to increase your kill streaks by moving in and out of battles.

Chaos Knight

Dota 2: How to increase your kill streak - Chaos Knight derails enemies on the map

Chaos Knight can become an unstoppable force in Dota 2. Professional gamers choose Chaos Knight for his tanking abilities. He can dish out lethal damage with Chaos Strike that adds critical damage to his attacks. Chaos Strike grants lifesteal to his attacks, healing the Chaos Knight for a portion of his attack damage while he smashes his opponents to the ground. 

He can create multiple illusions of himself that deal 100% of his attack damage using Phantasm. He can also use Phantasm to evade spells from enemies. It can be especially resourceful to save your kill streaks by causing your enemies to miss their spells while you’re running low on health. 


Razor is a ranged enemy charged with lightning-fast attacks. He can surprise his enemies with attacks like a bolt from the blue. Dota 2 players enjoy playing Razor for his ability to walk into battles and weaken his enemies. Razor can use Plasma Field to prevent opponents from fleeing decisive fights. 

Items such as Silver Edge and Maelstrom can add significant attack speed to Razor, providing him the boost he needs to increase his kill streaks. His ultimate ability, Eye of the Storm, targets enemies with low health and reduces their armor with every strike. He can also use Static Link to drain his enemies of their attack damage during team fights. 


Lina is loved by the Dota 2 community for her ability to get instant kills. She can nuke heroes with Dragon Slave and scorch ‘em for 310 damage. You can use Dragon Slave to reduce the health of your enemies before finishing them off with Laguna Blade. 

Her ultimate ability can deal 900 magical damage to foes, making it easy for her to get on a Killing Spree. Dota 2 players can upgrade Laguna Blade using an Aghanim’s Scepter to turn her ultimate ability into a spell that deals Pure damage. Lina can stack up to 7 spells, gaining bonus movement speed and attack speed from her abilities. 


Kunkka is a melee hero who is feared by his opponents. His mighty abilities give him a tactical advantage in battle. He can slow his enemies using Torrent and deal 300 damage in a radius of 225. Most Dota 2 players upgrade Torrent to Torrent Storm, activating multiple Torrents around the Strength hero for 5 seconds. 

His attacks deal 120 additional physical damage using Tidebringer. Each strike with Tidebringer is imbued with Cleave, spreading the damage dealt to enemies in 1100 distance. Ghostship and Torrent can wipe out multiple heroes in a row. His ultimate ability can deal 1800 damage by unlocking Ghost Fleet from his Skill Tree. 

Legion Commander

Legion Commander is a Strength hero who can gain additional damage from her Duels. Each successful Duel with an enemy hero will provide 30 attack damage, making her a one-woman army in Dota 2. The damage she gains from her Duels is permanent and can be further increased by leveling her up in the game.

You can activate Press the Attack, enter battles with a Blink Dagger, and use Blade Mail with Duel to slit enemies. Press the Attack provides 140 attack speed bonus and 60 health regeneration for 5 seconds. Legion Commander is known for getting Rampages and is an excellent hero to increase your kill streaks in Dota 2. 

Vengeful Spirit

Dota 2: How to increase your kill streak - Vengeful Spirit becomes unstoppable with Dagon

Vengeful Spirit can stun and shred enemies apart with her abilities. The nuker can cast Magic Missile to deal 360 damage that can take them out before you blink. You can use Wave of Terror to pierce the armor of enemies for up to 8 seconds. A spectacular strategy for increasing your kill streaks in Dota 2 is to equip a Dagon for the Vengeful Spirit. 

Vengeance Aura provides additional damage to her allies around her by up to 32%. You can use her ultimate ability, Nether Swap, to escape tough situations during team fights and prevent her kill streaks from ending. 

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