Dota 2: The Strongest Carries in 7.31d

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Dota 2: The Strongest Carries in 7.31d

We take a look at some of the strongest carries in Dota 2's patch 7.31d.

The PGL Arlington Major 2022 is slowly coming to an end, which allowed us to watch tons of heroes in action. Some teams tried to be more innovative and surprise their enemies, whereas others used the classic meta heroes.

7.31d has been a very interesting patch because it allows some teams to be more innovative. We have the chance to see loads of exciting heroes in the carry role, but this is not the case regarding the midders. Puck, Zeus, KOTL and TA usually dominate this role, but we’ve already talked about these heroes before, so we won’t go into further detail. 

Instead, this article will try to provide you with more information about some of the strongest carries. Since everyone has a different for the “strongest” hero, for the purpose of this article, we will use the Arlington Major win rate, as well as Dotabuff.


There are heroes that fall into the “meta carries” category because they are only popular in some patches. However, Juggernaut is not one of them because this is a hero that is usually a good pick no matter what. Sure, there have been metas, such as this one, where he is more popular, but he has always been an option for some people.

If we take a look at the PGL Arlington Major, we can see that the hero has a more than 50% win rate. This probably does not come as a surprise to some of you because teams like PSG.LGD uses him all the time. As you know, the Chinese powerhouse won pretty much all matches.

Like most Dota 2 carries, Juggernaut can utilize a wide range of items. However, the hero usually has two popular item builds, one of which includes a Battlefury. The current patch allows teams to go for it, but some of them prefer to focus on the Attack Speed one with things like SNY or Manta Style.

Aside from the PGL Arlington Major, Juggernaut is an excellent option for pub games. If we take a look at DotaBuff, we can see that the hero has more than a 55% win rate, which is extremely impressive. 


The second name on this list is for a hero that is not that popular among pro players, at least not yet. At the time of writing this article, Spectre appeared in only five matches, but the hero has a jaw-dropping 100% win rate. What’s even more impressive is that the Spectre is the second-most successful hero in pubs, according to Dotabuff.

Like Juggernaut, this late-game monster has been popular for being a situational pick for many years. If you remember the days of the Zeus and Spectre meta, you may think that the current one is the same. However, these two heroes are not as trendy as before because most teams and players prefer to rely on other options.

One of the main differences between Spectre back then and now is the hero’s items. People used to rush Radiance and get Diffusal blade ASAP, whereas now, things are different. Even though some players continue to use these items, others focus on the meta build and rush Manta into Aghs. This allows them to take part in more teamfights.

We don’t know whether Valve will release a new patch prior to TI 11, which will begin around two months from now. If the company decides to keep the current one, we expect Spectre to become way more popular because the hero has an impressive win rate.

Chaos Knight

the Dota 2 hero, Chaos Knight, one of the strongest carries in 7.31d

One of the top-tier carries from the last patch continues to dominate pubs and pro games. Although most players expected this hero to receive tons of nerfs, CK is still one fo the top picks for all sorts of teams. For example, OG use him regularly because Yuragi has proven himself as one of the best CK players out there.

The reason why this hero is so strong is because of the fact that he does not need a lot of items to deal damage. Even though he is not the fastest farming carry, CK’s damage output and the fact that he is a STR carry helps him a lot. All the hero needs is a good start, and he can get his Armlet and/or HOT in no time. Once that happens, he becomes almost impossible to kill.

Interestingly, CK has a much higher win rate in the Major than in pubs. Unless Valve nerfs him, he will definitely be one of the primary weapons for many teams at TI 11.


This is probably the most exciting name on the list, at least for people who haven’t paid attention to the last couple of events. Bristleback has been a situational pick for some teams for years, but he became very popular after the Riyadh Masters 2022.

Similar to CK, BB is a STR hero that is not known for his fast-farming capabilities. Nevertheless, he farms faster than most other STR carries, which is one of the reasons why some teams use him very often.

Bristleback’s main strength is the fact that the hero is very hard to kill. Once Legion Commander is out of the game, killing BB becomes a challenge because he is exceptionally tanky. In fact, this allows him to “outlive” his opponents, similar to Medusa.

BB had the chance to shine in almost 20 matches and has a round 62% win rate in the Major.

Lone Druid 

The last spot on the list will surprise some of you because LD is a very flexible hero and can work in all three core roles. However, players like MATUMBAMAN usually go to the safe lane, which is why we consider LD to be a carry.

Unlike every other option, Lone Druid is a very specific hero that only a few players know how to use. That’s why we don’t get to see him that often in action, especially in pro games. The only exception was when he was the go-to mid-laner a couple of years ago.

Interestingly, LD has around a 52% win rate in pubs, which means that there are loads of spammers who know how to destroy their opponents. Although there are different item builds, the most successful one includes a Radiance for the bear because it allows it to do tons of damage.

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Dota 2: The Strongest Carries in 7.31d
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