Dota 2: How to Play Dark Seer in 7.31D

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Dota 2: How to Play Dark Seer in 7.31D

Players new to Dota 2 can discover how to play Dark Seer in 7.31D and emerge as top-class support for their teams.

Dark Seer is a master of the dark arts. He can use his magic to reposition his enemies and pit them against illusions of themselves. The Intelligence hero can increase the movement speed of himself and his allies at will and deal high amounts of damage to foes around him. If you’ve recently started playing Dota 2, here’s what you need to improve your game while playing Dark Seer. 

Dark Seer – Stats

How to play Dark Seer in 7.31D - Dark Seer gets a killing spree

Dota 2 players who like playing melee heroes definitely need to try their hand at Dark Seer. Intelligence is the Primary Attribute of Dark Seer and the melee hero has 640 HP and 327 mana at the start of the game. He has 21 Intelligence, 22 Strength, and 19 Agility after spawning, making him a well-rounded hero to play. 

Dark Seer has a base movement speed of 295. He has attack damage that ranges between 54 – 60 at level 1. The recent changes made to Dark Seer in 7.31D have increased his base stats. The damage dealt from Vacuum has been rescaled and the mana cost of Surge has been decreased in 7.31D. 

Best lanes to farm for Dark Seer

The safest lane to farm for Dark Seer is the safe lane. For the Dire, that’s the top lane and for the Radiant, that would be the bottom lane. You can buy a Quelling Blade and a few Iron Branches to increase the attack damage of Dark Seer. A Quelling Blade will add 8 attack damage, making it easier to take last hits in the safe lane. 

Despite being a support hero in Dota 2, Dark Seer can be an amazing farmer. If you’re playing Dark Seer for the first time, get closer to the creeps in the lane and use your increased attack damage to make solid gold. 

You can use the ability Ion Shell on Dark Seer while farming to weaken the creep waves. Ion Shell can be cast on yourself and your allies. It deals 30 damage to all enemy units, including creeps, neutrals, and heroes in a 275 radius. The damage dealt by Ion Shell can be increased to 90 per second by leveling up the ability. 

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Stacking neutral creep camps is an effective strategy to farm for Dark Seer. He can use Ion Shell in the forest to destroy multiple creeps camps at once. You can purchase a Magic Wand to increase the HP regeneration of Dark Seer while farming. Buying a Ring of Basilius for 425 gold to increase the mana regeneration of the Intelligence hero by 1.5 within the first 5 minutes of the game. 

Best items to buy for Dark Seer

Urn of Shadows – 880 gold

  • Sage’s Mask – 175 gold
  • Circlet – 155 gold
  • Ring of Protection – 175 gold
  • Recipe – 375 gold

Urn of Shadows provides 40 health and 24 mana to Dark Seer. It also increases mana regeneration and armor of its users. You can use the active ability, Soul Release, to deal 25 damage per second to enemies. Urn of Shadows gains a charge of Soul Release for every enemy hero killed in a 1400 radius. It can also be used to cast on yourself and your allies to heal in the game. 

Arcane Boots – 1300 gold

  • Boots of Speed – 500 gold
  • Energy Booster – 800 gold

How to play Dark Seer in 7.31D - Dark Seer about to replenish mana for his team

Arcane Boots is an essential item for Intelligence heroes. It provides 250 mana and 45 movement speed to its users. Replenish Mana lets you restore 175 mana to your team in a 1200 radius. Vacuum consumes 150 mana and Ion Shell can take up to 140 mana for Dark Seer to cast in the game. Arcane Boots can help Dark Seer nuke opponents in the lane and support the team during team fights. 

Vanguard – 1825 gold

  • Ring of Health – 825 gold
  • Vitality Booster – 1000 gold

How to play Dark Seer in 7.31D - Dark Seer uses Ion Shell while having Vanguard equipped

Vanguard can protect melee heroes against incoming damage. People who are used to farming in the forest can purchase a Vanguard for the Dark Seer. Vanguard provides 250 health and 7 HP regeneration to the Intelligence hero. Dark Seer has a 60% chance to block 64 damage using Vanguard. 

Items such as Vanguard can be resourceful while farming with Ion Shell activated. If you want to increase the survivability of Dark Seer during battles, you can upgrade Vanguard to Crimson Guard. 

Blade Mail – 2100 gold

  • Broadsword – 1000 gold
  • Chainmail – 550 gold
  • Recipe – 550 gold

Dark Seer can equip Blade Mail early to gain a tactical advantage in the game. Blade Mail grants players 6 armor and 28 attack damage. Dark Seer can counter enemies using Damage Return, the active ability of Blade Mail that returns damage from all sources for 4.5 seconds. You can use Ion Shell to amplify the damage output from Dark Seer while Blade Mail is on. 

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Heroes that Dark Seer can counter 


Lifestealer is a rabid hero who can maim his targets with his physical attacks. He can slow down the movement speed of his enemies by 25% using Ghoul Frenzy. Lifestealer can strike his opponents using Rage, an ability that grants him increased movement speed and spell immunity for 6 seconds.

Dark Seer can counter the Lifestealer by casting Surge on his teammates. Surge can give Dark Seer’s allies maximum movement speed, allowing his teammates to flee the raging attacks from the Lifestealer. You can also use Vacuum to drag the Lifestealer further away from your allies during team fights. 


Meepo can multiply himself into clones that deal a portion of his attack damage to his enemies. It can be frustrating to fight off Meepos in a lane while farming for gold. Dark Seer can cast Ion Shell on any of Meepo’s clones to deal damage to them and drain their health. 

Earthbind can root your allies to the ground for 2 seconds. It can be cast in a wide range of 1250 radius. Dark Seer can use Vacuum to pull Meepo and his clones away from allied heroes and help them escape. Reaching level 25 will help players use Surge on multiple teammates, giving your team adequate time to move out of danger. 


Terrorblade is an Agility hero who can use both melee and ranged attacks to clobber opponents. He can activate Metamorphosis to gain 60 attack damage and 400 attack range for 50 seconds. Terrorblade can create multiple illusions of himself using Conjure Image. Each of these illusions can deal 60% of his attack damage to his enemies. 

Dark Seer can counter Terrorblade using the Wall of Replica. The ultimate ability of Dark Seer can create illusions of Terroblade that are stronger than the illusions conjured by the Agility hero. The illusions formed using the Wall of Replica can be controlled by Dark Seer and deal 100% of their damage. 


Sven is a carry hero that can wipe out enemies with his strength. He can use Storm Hammer to stun enemies in a 255 radius and deal 320 damage to them. Many Dota 2 players get the Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade for Sven that teleports him to his enemies after using Storm Hammer.  

God Strength, the ultimate ability of Sven, grants the melee hero 200% bonus attack damage. Dark Seer can turn the strength of Sven against him by using the Wall of Replica. Players can also gain an additional 20% damage for the illusions created from the Wall of Replica by reaching level 10. 

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