Dota 2: Hilarious Dota WTF Moments to Make You Laugh – August 2022

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Dota 2: Hilarious Dota WTF Moments to Make You Laugh – August 2022

Dota WTF is an online community with over 3.2 million subscribers on YouTube. Take a look at these hilarious moments in Dota 2 from August 2022 that will leave you in splits.

Dota 2 is a massively multiplayer game that gives you and your team a chance to shine in battle. With countless team battles taking place in every lane, it goes without saying that there will be plenty of moments of jeopardy. Coordinating attacks and timing your spells with your allies can lead to game-changing scenarios. And if you don’t succeed in carrying out the perfect combination of abilities, you can always look back at them fondly and have a laugh. 

Zeus gets a Rampage with 2 clicks


Zeus is a highly competitive hero in Dota 2. The Intelligence hero can strike down his enemies from impossible distances. He has a number of spells that deal massive damage in battle that include Arc Lightning, Thundergod’s Wrath, Lightning Bolt, and Nimbus. 

In this video, we get a rare glimpse of Zeus getting a Rampage with just 2 clicks. Zeus can be seen taking down the Tier 2 tower in the mid lane with his team. Seconds after the Tier 2 tower collapses, Zeus uses his ultimate ability, Thundergod’s Wrath. He uses a Refresher Orb and strikes his enemies with a second Thundergod’s Wrath to get a quick Rampage in the game. The Intelligence hero takes his enemies completely off guard with his long-range spells. 

Chronosphere Crunch 


Faceless Void is an Agility hero who can turn the tide of battle at any time. Players fast with their hands can quickly move in and out of battle using Time Walk while playing Faceless Void. The melee hero can also bring the game to staggering suspense when he casts Chronosphere on the enemy team. 

Chronosphere lets Faceless Void freeze enemies in time for up to 5 seconds in a 500 radius. In this video, you can see Bounty Hunter, Silencer, Juggernaut, and Tusk go after the Faceless Void in the top lane. Tusk uses Snowball to reel in his allies and roll toward the Faceless Void. The Agility hero turns back and uses Chronosphere to trap the enemies till his allies nuke them with spells and annihilate them.

Counting on the Courier in Dota WTF


Couriers are a valuable asset to the team in Dota 2. These cute creatures can fly by the lane to deliver useful items to heroes while they farm. Couriers have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. 

In this Dota WTF video, you can watch the Outworld Destroyer get out of difficult situations using his trusty courier. Hoodwink and Phoenix are on the verge of killing the Outworld Destroyer when he uses Astral Imprisonment to banish himself. The courier reaches the Outworld Destroyer and delivers a Blink Dagger that allows him to escape the heat of the battle. 

A bit later, you can see the Outworld Destroyer dominating the game in the Dire jungle. The Outworld Destroyer slays the Phoenix and gets chased by Ursa. The Intelligence hero has low HP and signals his courier to deliver items from the Secret Shop. Just as Ursa is about to land a killing blow on the Outworld Destroyer, Ursa is hexed by the Outworld Destroyer after the courier bursts in to deliver the items. A close call for the Outworld Destroyer, yet the courier saves the day. 

Spirit Broken by Towers


Spirit Breaker is a melee hero known for his ability to charge at enemies. The Strength hero can use Charge of Darkness to target an enemy unit anywhere on the map. Charge of Darkness lets the Spirit Breaker march toward enemies at increasing speeds and stun them for 2.4 seconds. 

In this hilarious video, you can catch the Spirit Breaker advancing toward Zeus as the Intelligence hero flees for his life. The Spirit Breaker approaches Zeus at full speed in the mid lane and is about to hit Zeus with a Nether Strike when his Charge of Darkness is interrupted by a Lightning Bolt. The Tier 3 and Tier 4 towers destroy Spirit Breaker before giving him a chance to perform a Nether Strike on Zeus. 

What the Puck!


Puck is a Faerie Dragon that can test your limits in Dota 2. The Intelligence hero has a varied set of spells that can deal damage to enemies in a large radius. Spells like Illusory Orb, Waning Rift, and Dream Coil can be cast to disable enemies, root opponents, and deal massive damage to them. 

Here you can see Puck getting caught in a mess while chasing Earthshaker for a kill. Puck gets ambushed in the bottom lane by the Radiant. That isn’t enough to keep the Faerie Dragon down as she quickly teleports back to the bottom lane and decimates the Radiant with her spells. She uses Waning Rift to get near the Earthshaker and kills him. She lands another killing blow on the Night Stalker before casting Illusory Orb to obliterate Chen. Puck eventually finishes the game as a comeback. Just goes to show that you can’t keep a good girl down.

Flamebreak displaces Bristleback


Bristleback is a tank hero who can pose a real threat to the team. He has a passive ability that reduces all incoming damage from his rear by 40%. Bristleback will also release a Quill Spray after taking 200 damage from his rear. It can be painstakingly hard to get rid of the Bristleback during the late game. 

In this video, you can find the Batrider swooping in to displace an eager Bristleback with Flamebreak. Batrider spots the Bristleback approaching Roshan’s pit when he uses Flamebreak from afar. The magic spell pushes Bristleback into a ledge that prevents him from moving in any direction. Bristleback tries to teleport in vain as the Dire cancel his teleportation with a bash from Slardar. The Dire leave Bristleback stuck by himself with nowhere to go. Of course, they come back in a bit to finish the job. 

Dodge a Duel in Style


Legion Commander is a fierce warrior with an unyielding amount of damage output. She can corner her enemies with Duel and strip them of their abilities by forcing her opponents to attack her for up to 8 seconds. Legion Commander gets a permanent damage boost after each successful Duel, making her even more effective in battle after farming her core items. 

Dota 2 doesn’t seize to surprise its community of players. Here you can watch Pangolier get out of a Duel using Rolling Thunder. Pangolier rolls out of danger and hurls himself away from a Duel. The Agility hero makes his way towards the mid lane and uses Shield Crash in an attempt to escape the Legion Commander. However, the Radiant chase down Pangolier and assault him before he can make his great escape. 

Dissimilate over Doom


Doom can be dangerously effective at shutting down Intelligence heroes. The spells of Doom are especially useful to stun and disable nukers in Dota 2. He can use Infernal Blade to stun enemies for 0.6 seconds and burn them for 4 seconds. Infernal Blade deals bonus damage and stuns for a longer duration by upgrading it with the Aghanim’s Shard. 

The recent 7.32 update lets Doom cast his ultimate ability on enemies while also affecting opponents around the doomed target within a 325 radius. In this video, you can see Void Spirit skilfully avoiding Doom’s ultimate ability by using Dissimilate. Doom is left bewildered as Void Spirit springs back into the scene to level the playing field. 

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