Dota 2: Heroes To Watch Out For In The Singapore Major

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Dota 2: Heroes To Watch Out For In The Singapore Major

ESTNN looks at the heroes who could be popular picks in the upcoming Singapore Major.

The conclusion of DPC Season 1 has led to an exciting major between some top teams in the world. There are teams like Secret and who have had a strong run throughout the season and will look to win the major. While teams like Liquid, PSG.LGD and Nigma will try to improve on their performances and hopefully grab a few upsets to maintain their run in the event.

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With the Singapore Major just around the corner, it is vital to get an outlook of what the pros will pick during the competition. Here are some of the most popular heroes to watch out for in the Singapore Major 2021.

Void Spirit

Void Spirit has become a very popular hero in the current meta. It was one of the most picked heroes throughout the DPC Season, having a high impact on most games. With a win rate close to 60%, the hero is definitely lining up to be one of the most popular heroes in the upcoming major.

An important factor in making Void Spirit so good is his mobility both during fights and around the map. The hero’s ability enables him to step in and out of an ongoing fight and make engagements unfavorable for the opposition. He doesn’t need many items to come online and can enable or make space for his team’s carry. Void Spirit also scales incredibly well in the late game, which is scary because the hero also is pretty strong in the early minutes of the game.

Nyx Assassin

The Dota 2 hero Nyx Assassin, a crab-like creature bearing its large, blue claws

Nyx Assassin is a versatile hero which can be picked very early into the draft. Players can play this hero as a position 4 roaming support or a position 3 offlane core depending upon the game plan and draft. Nyx is effective against most popular heroes in the current meta, countering heroes like Morphling, Leshrac, Keeper of the Light and more.

Nyx offers a strong laning stage because of high HP regeneration and decent armor. The hero can help set up ganks by scouting with his ultimate and providing a somewhat reliable stun. He can also work with a variety of items and become a utility hero for his team.

Shadow Shaman

The Dota 2 hero Shadow Shaman, dressed in tribal attire, holds two wands that resemble dragons.

Shadow Shaman had a decent run in the games of DPC Season 1. Although his win rate is not very convincing, Shaman is a substantial addition to drafts that need instant disables. The hero seems situational but also offers a push threat to the opposition.

Shadow Shaman has good hit damage at level 1 and can trade well in the lane. The hero is squishy but compensates for it by providing a good amount of wave-clear with his first skill in the mid to late game. He can also farm the Aghanim’s Shard and gain temporary serpent wards with his third skill, providing additional lockdown and creep-clearing potential.

Wraith King

The Dota 2 hero, Wraith King stands with his sword driven into the ground beside him, ghostly green wisps of energy coil around his hands

The list wouldn’t be complete without including the king in it. Wraith King received a lot of nerfs over the last few patches, but it is still one of the strongest carries in the game. The hero seems exceptionally strong, especially in the professional scene. With an approx average win rate 61.5% across four regions of DPC, the hero just doesn’t seem to slow down with the nerfs.

There is nothing out of the ordinary going on with Wraith King. He has a weak laning stage with low armor, Vampiric Spirit being the only ability that gives some HP sustenance. However, Vampiric Spirit also gives WK skeleton charges which helps him clear out lane creeps or farm jungle camps quickly and efficiently. The fact that he can leave lane at level 5 and farm neutral creeps quickly makes the hero very strong. The hero scales very well in the late game and offers a good amount of cover to his team with Reincarnation. He is definitely one of the strongest picks going into the Singapore major.


Puck seems to dominate the pro scene. It has a very positive win rate in most regions. Being one of the most mobile heroes in the game, Puck offers early game ganks and makes space for its team. It is also viable against popular heroes like Void Spirit, Pangolier and Phoenix.

Puck offers great wave clearing abilities. The hero can split push easily with help of all the escape abilities it possesses.


The Dota 2 hero Rubick holds its green and blue staff in a cave, pointing it towards the ground.

There is nothing much to be said about Rubick being one of the stable support heroes in the pro scene. It has been like this for quite a while now. He is a strong laner and provides great versatility to players with his item builds.

Rubick’s ultimate opens up innumerable opportunities for professional players. Being masters of the game, players can play the hero to their liking.

Earth Spirit

The Dota 2 hero Earth Spirit, a hulking behemoth rock-skinned humanoid, menacingly stands with a staff glowing green with power.

Earth Spirit had a pretty subpar win rate in DPC Season 1. However, by the high number of games played in the season, we can conclude that the hero is a vital part of many successful drafts. Offering disables and silence with the help of his unique ability set, Earth Spirit could be a very popular choice in the major.


The Dota 2 hero, Earthshaker, smashes his fists into the icy ground

Absurdly broken after introducing his shard abilities, the recent nerfs have somewhat restored the balance and made Earthshaker a decent support hero of choice. Earthshaker had an average win rate of 56% across most regions of the DPC.

Earthshaker provides a decent amount of disables and long-range stuns which are vital parts of the game. The hero is great for both ganking and responding to one because of his unique skill sets.

Keeper of the Light

The Dota 2 hero Keeper of the Light, an old man riding a horned creature, rides through a forest filled with pink trees.

Keeper of Light has become more than just a viable hero in the current meta. The hero had an above-average pick rate in the major which is justified by his impact on the game from the support role. Keeper has tremendous wave pushing abilities, which is one of the most demanded aspects of a hero. Besides his Illuminate ability, the hero can aid cores by granting them mana, slowing an enemy and weakening their magic resistance. To top things off, Keeper can also recall friendly heroes near him, which is a significant ability for formulating interesting strategies in professional dota.

Honorable mentions

Apart from the heroes listed above, we feel there are many who couldn’t make the list but are potential candidates for getting picked in the major. Players have played a decent number of games with Troll Warlord, Phoenix and Death Prophet throughout the DPC.

Images via Dota Gamepedia

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