Dota 2: Fnatic Misses Dota Summit 13, TNC Predator Finds Sub For Event

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Dota 2: Fnatic Misses Dota Summit 13, TNC Predator Finds Sub For Event

Here is some news regarding Dota Summit 13.

As you may know, Dota 2 Summit 13 Southeast Asia has started today. As expected, we got to see some pretty interesting series. Ten teams are going to play against each other in a single round-robin group stage format.

Although this will be an online event, it has a prize pool of $100K USD. Needless to say, this means that we’ll see the big names in the region. In fact, the event organizers decided to invite eight teams, whereas the last two got their spot via the open qualifiers.

Fnatic won’t attend the event

Even though some of the best teams in the region will take part in the event, one of the biggest names in the region won’t be participating. Fnatic has gone through a series of small roster changes lately, and it seems like they still haven’t found the right offlaner for the job. In case you didn’t know, Fnatic decided to add Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong to the team, which was a good move because this player has a lot of experience.

What’s interesting is that TNC also nearly missed the event. Similar to Fnatic, they also had a roster change recently after they decided to remove Park “March” Tae-won. Luckily, the team was able to find a substitute and added Matthew” Whitemon” Filemon to their squad. Whitemon was a part of Geek Fam before, so he definitely has the skills needed to help the team.

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In addition to TNC, Dota Summit 13 includes teams like BOOM Esports, Among Us, Adroit Esports, and more. The Group Stage has just started, meaning that we have until the November 2 to watch these teams in action.

As for the playoffs, they will start on November 4 and will last four days. Make sure you follow ESTNN for more information about this tournament.

Dota 2: Fnatic Misses Dota Summit 13, TNC Predator Finds Sub For Event
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