Dota 2: DreamLeague Season 13 Major – Day 2 Recap

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Dota 2: DreamLeague Season 13 Major – Day 2 Recap

It was another action-packed day at Leipzig, we take a look at how our series played out at day two of the DreamLeague Season 13 Major.

Everything was on the line for some of our teams today as our elimination series were played and the seeding for our upper and lower brackets was confirmed. If you missed any of the excitement from day one, you can catch up with our recap right here.

Winner’s Matches

First up were our Winner’s matches, and we definitely saw a few surprises across these four series.

Na`Vi have been delivering an outstanding performance throughout this Major, and their Winner’s series against Team Liquid saw them continuing their dominating run in Leipzig. They took Liquid out 2–0.

Team Secret were also looking very commanding. Taking their first game against Beastcoast in a 20-minute stomp, with the kill-count 32–2. Of course, the 322’s were flowing in Twitch chat.
The boys from South America didn’t fare much better in game two either. Secret knocked them out in just 33-minutes. Beastcoast were now set to face Vici Gaming to see who would make it to the upper bracket.


Game one of our series between Nigma and Fnatic saw an epic come back thanks to Miracle’s Phantom Lancer. It seemed like Fnatic had everything under control, and 23savage’s Medusa pick was looking pretty scary. But an amazing team fight around the Rosh pit as the game pushed past 60-minutes turned the tide for Nigma. Fnatic still had the kill lead as Nigma closed the game, the final score was 35–43 as Nigma took the game. Game two of this series was another late one, but this time Nigma pulled into the lead around 36-minutes, finally knocking Fnatic down to the Decider Matches at 55-minutes.

Our series between Invictus Gaming and Alliance saw a neck-and-neck first game. Nikobaby’s Spectre pick brought in 15-kills for the Alliance side. But IG’s draft was also looking strong with Emo on Storm Spirit and flyfly on Drow Ranger. The score was tied 47–47 when Invictus finally took the game after almost 76-minutes of back-and-forth action. Game two was also a back-and-forth affair, but Invictus persevered. Taking game two, and the series 2–0.



Loser's Series

Next up it was winner takes all, as eight of our teams gave it their all in a last ditch effort to avoid the lower bracket.

NA’s Evil Geniuses look like they’re back on track after knocking Pain Gaming out of Leipzig all together in two quick stomps. This whole series was over in under an hour, with game two a complete snowball. The final score was 25–5 at 18-minutes as EG sent Pain to slog it out in the lower bracket for sure.

Chaos Esports Club put up an impressive fight against Vici Gaming to hold onto their spot. Vici took game one. But their second victory was won by a very fine margin. Chaos pulled out all the stops to try and push this one to three games. But it was not to be, with Vici finally securing the win at 39-minutes, and Chaos saying goodbye to any chances of an upper bracket run.


Things haven’t been looking so great for TNC.Predator, despite winning the first Major of the season back in December, things have looked pretty shaky for the SEA team. Their series against Team Aster didn’t do anything to help matters either. Game one was a bloodbath. TNC only managed to get 7-kills on the board across the whole 49-minutes.
It was rinse and repeat for game two, as Aster took another win. eliminating TNC’s chances in the upper bracket run.


And we had another surprising knockout in the elimination round. The series between Virtus.Pro and Reality Rift saw some intense action. Kills were 17–17 at 26-minutes in a very close game one that bounced back and forth for 61-minutes before RR took the win. Game two was a slightly shorter affair, but it wasn’t a better game for the bears. They suffered their second loss at 42-minutes. An unexpected loss for the CIS team.

Decider Matches

With our final teams confirmed, it was time to determine the decider matches and firm up the upper and lower bracket seeding.

After their impressive showings during the elimination round, both Aster and Reality Rift failed to secure themselves upper bracket slots. Team Aster lost their decider series to Fnatic 0–2, while RR went down to Alliance in a 0–2 series as well.

Vici Gaming and Beastcoast battled it out to decide their bracket placings. Luck just was not on BC’s side today, as Vici overran them with a 2–0 victory, sending them down to the lower bracket.

And it was another strong series for Evil Geniuses, who also scored themselves their second 2–0 series of the day, taking out Team Liquid to earn their position in the upper bracket.

With our decider’s done and dusted, here’s what our brackets are looking like heading into tomorrows games.

Be sure to catch all the action from the playoff’s live on Twitch, and stay tuned to ESTNN for daily recaps and all the latest news from Leipzing and the DreamLeague Major.

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