Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA April 12-17

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — SEA April 12-17

ESTNN take a look at DPC SEA’s opening week of games.

The conclusion of Singapore Major meant making changes and regrouping for Dota Pro Circuit Season 2. The SEA regions kicked off their matches in both Upper and Lower brackets. While teams like Fnatic and Neon Esports are yet to show what they have in store for us, week one of DPC was still an exciting bunch of games. Here are some highlights of the matches.

Lower Division

The first set of matches went in South Built Esports’ favour as 496 Gaming lost 2-1 to them. SBE won both games in which they could pick Gyrocopter, completely dominating the game with it.

Games between Cignal Ultra and Motivate.Trust Gaming were straightforward. MG won 2-0, completely dominated the first game with a score of 24-4.

Matches between Team SMG and Galaxy Racer saw SMG winning 2-0. Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng was playing the carry role, playing Juggernaut and Monkey King in the first and second game, respectively. While the GXR fought well in the first game, the second game was over under 25-minutes.

Matches between SBE and Army Geniuses was an interesting one. AG picked Gyrocopter in the first two games to keep SBE from picking it. However, the second game went in South Built’s favor with picks like Ursa, Nature’s Prophet and Void Spirit. The third and last game saw significant advantage with SBE, as they picked Gyro and wrapped up the match in a 24-8 win.

The last set of games between Galaxy Racer and South Built Esports ended in the latter’s favor. SBE could win 2-0, with the first match ending in a close 48-minute battle and the second game in 35-7 stomp.

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Upper Division

Lilgun and Omega Esports fought each other in the first set of Upper Division games. The first match resulted in an emphatic victory for Omega as they picked Io carry alongside an unorthodox lineup of Beastmaster, Abaddon, Skywrath Mage and Centaur Warruner. Lilgun were quick to comeback and win the second match. However, Omega stepped up in the deciding match to win 2-1 against Lilgun.

Second set of games between TNC Predator and Execration resulted in a 2-0 win for the former. TNC picked Beastmaster mid and Razor as carry against Void Spirit and Troll Warlord of XctN. Both Beastmaster and Razor completely dominated the first game, giving the first win to TNC. The second game was in Execration’s favor, but they gave their advantage in a bad teamfight around the 24-minute mark. TNC kept capitalizing on their opponent’s mistakes and won the second game as well.

BOOM won 2-1 against Execration, with the last game being extremely close between the two teams. BOOM benefited a lot from their Ursa pick, ending the game with a 35-36 scoreline.

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Highlight Series: T1 vs Omega Esports

The first match was a neck-to-neck fight in the early game. However, Omega always had the gold advantage in their favor. Although Tiny on T1’s team kept picking off heroes, some terrible fights against Omega acted as a catalyst for T1’s loss. Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon’s Juggernaut was very ineffective in fights with Centaur soaking most of the Omnislash damage. After struggling for about 50-minutes T1 finally called “GG”.

The second game had Omega with an early game gold advantage. Their team kept increasing the advantage, being 9k gold up at the 30-minute mark. However, a fight just around the same time gave a massive advantage to T1 with a much-needed gold swing in their advantage. Omega just didn’t have heroes to deal with T1’s Morphling and Bristleback in the later stages of the game. T1 won the second match comfortably.

The last and final game was a stomp by Omega. T1 picked Alchemist, who needed space to farm, but Omega planned the game to shut T1 before they could get something out of the game. Both Tiny and Ember Spirit were running rampant, picking off heroes around the map. The game ended in a 32-4 massacre for T1.

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