Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – China Feb 1-7, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap – China Feb 1-7, 2021

We take a close look at how things are playing out in Week 3 of the DPC in China.

It’s the mid-point for Season 1 of the DPC. And there was plenty of action across both our divisions this week in China. We break down all the highlights.

Lower Division

Spark Arrow Gaming continue their undefeated streak through the Lower Division. They faced off against CDEC this week in a three-game series that is definitely worth the watch. Our first game was a one-sided stomp which saw SAG take the win at 30-minutes, the kill-count 15-7.

But Game Two saw CDEC come back hard. Hu “Earth” Xin was a force to be reckoned with on his Wraith King, going 23/0/25 over a 77-minute slog. CDEC secured Game Two with a 28-kill lead.

After that come back, it seemed as if things might go either way. But Spark Arrow Gaming came into our final match with a thirst for victory that wouldn’t be denied. Deng “Dstones” Lei’s Puck caused all kinds of trouble, and CDEC could barely land a kill. In just 23-minutes, SAG put an end to this fight.

Meanwhile things are looking up for Dragon, taking the win in their series against Dalanjing Gaming (DLG).

It’s been a mixed bag for DLG so far, they lost both of their series this week, dropping them down to sixth in the regional standings.

It’s Dynasty however, taking the bottom spot. They’re 0-4 overall falling short again in their matchup with Xtreme this week with another 1-2 loss.

Royal Never Give Up and Phoenix also had a bit of a slugfest this week. Game Two of this series rolled out to 65-minutes with the final score an even 32-kills a piece when RNG finally snagged the victory.

There’s three more weeks left in Season 1, so it will certainly be interesting watching how the standings shuffle as we draw closer to the end.

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Upper Division

EHOME came into the Upper Division strong back in Week One, but things haven’t looked so promising since then.

They fell in both their matchups this week. First in their face-off against Team Aster, and then again later in the week playing Vici Gaming.

But Vici were looking a little shaky when they shored up against Invictus Gaming. What an upset this series was! Invictus took Game One in just 24-minutes. A Storm Spirit pick for Zhou “Emo” Yi and Timbersaw on Thiay Jun “JT” Wen saw Invictus snowballing to a swift victory while Vici were still trying to find their footing. It was another outstanding performance for Ori in our second game. His Void Spirit went 18/1/13 for a fantastic game. Hu “Kaka” Liangzhi stuck was also instrumental with his Shadow Shaman in Game Two; providing plenty of support and lockdown to help his team secure the victory in 32-minutes.

Our final lower division series of the week saw Team MagMa and LZBS battle it out. Both teams were yet to take a win this season as Game One opened.

But as it closed it was Team Magma who reigned victorious. They cleaned up LZBS, 2-0. Despite a strong start in Game Two, LZBS didn’t have the staying power to take this series to three games.

Tang ‘shylock’ Kaiwen and Chen ‘KaZz’ Kai stole the show in Game One with their Gyro/Wisp combo. While Zhou ‘Dust’ Shiyuan gave us an outstanding performance on his Queen of Pain pick in Game Two.

A very nice way for Magma to end things ahead of the season’s break for the Chinese New Year.

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Highlight Series:  PSG.LGD vs Elephant

There were a couple of upsets across our Upper Division this week though. But undoubtedly the week's closing match-up between PSG.LGD and Elephant gave us a very memorable series.

As competition wrapped up ahead of the break, we were treated to some very dirty Dota in this three-game series between LGD and Elephant.

Game One saw LGD coming in strong, Wang “Ame” Chunyu was a force to be reckoned with on his Wraith King, securing 15 of his teams 45-kills. Meanwhile Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang’s Batrider delivered a phenomenal performance mid. LGD took the first game at 49-minutes.

But Elephant came into our second game with a lot more fight. Although with Zhang “Eurus” Chengjun on a favorite like Troll Warlord, that’s to be expected. Compared to our first game, this was a straight-forward stomp. Elephant steamrolled LGD, 25-12, with Eurus going 10/0/6 and Lu “Somnus” Yao’s Void Spirit not far behind at 6/0/15.

It was off to a third game in our final series of Week Three. Eurus snapped up Troll Warlord for the final game, while Somnus took Batrider this time. Meanwhile Ame again picked Wraith King and Zhang “Faith_bian” Ruida picked Tidehunter, providing LGD with the potential for some nasty ravage lockdown. The stage looked set for a battle of the titans, which is exactly what we got.

Despite some beautiful plays on the part of LGD, there was really no stopping the tag-team of Troll and Bat once they got started. Somnus executed some perfect lassos, finding pick-offs whenever LGD gained some ground.

Elephant took the win at 58-minutes with a 20-kill lead. A fantastic way to wrap-up China’s first three weeks of DPC games.

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