Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — China Apr 26 – May 2, 2021

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Dota 2: DPC Weekly Recap — China Apr 26 – May 2, 2021

ESTNN recaps China's Upper and Lower Division in Week 3 of our second season in the DPC.

The Chinese Region has again proven to be one of the most competitive regions. With Invictus Gaming, the winner of the Singapore Major, losing 2 series out of 3 with the lowest KDA, GPM and XPM of the group.

Lower Division

Phoenix Gaming leads the lower division, winning all of their five series so far; but they haven’t yet fought against CDEC and LBZS. Both rank second and third in the standings. Phoenix Gaming has the best KDA in the group whereas LBZS has the best GPM and XPM. Demon Slayer and Dragon haven’t won a single series yet.

Out of the 2 series CDEC played in Week 3, it was their games against LBZS that were the battle for the second spot in the standings. LBZS won the series by 2-0, dominating CDEC. In both the games, CDEC had a good laning stage but failed to convert it into a lead in the mid-game.

The rotations by LBZS were spot on as they took control over both the games after the 10-minute mark. It is unclear whether CDEC were experimenting with their mid pick or were sure about its success as they picked Dark Seer and Sand King as their mid heroes. Dark Seer delivered a poor performance. While Sand King on the other hand delivered a good performance as the highest damage dealing hero in their draft.

The other series was between Phoenix Gaming and Team Magma in which Phoenix Gaming closed the series by a 2-0 win. In the first game, Team Magma had a good draft and tried to use it wisely by ganking for a full team fight at mid in the laning stage but failed as Dragon Knight with Hood of Defiance was just too hard to kill.

Phoenix Gaming took their time to farm as Wraith King needed Radiance. But after that, they started ganking all over the map and took complete control. In the second game, Team Magma played as aggressively as they could to stop Anti-Mage’s farm but Beastmaster with Scepter was able to clear the waves easily to prevent the push. Due to lack of damage in the team fights and no way to kill Anti-Mage, Team Magma were unable to win the team fights later during the game and were defeated. Guo “Shiro” Xuanang on Anti-Mage performed incredibly well with a score of 11/0/11.

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Upper Division

Team Aster leads the group with a win rate of 85.71% whereas Sparking Arrow Gaming has not found a single victory yet. Invictus Gaming, who put in a great performance previously, has failed to perform with the new patch and is at the bottom of the standings with 5 matches lost and 2 won. Team Aster, IG, PSG.LGD and Vici Gaming played 3 series this week as it was a clash of the top teams of China region.

The first series of this week was played between Team Aster and Invictus Gaming in which Aster won by 2-0. In the first match between Team Aster and Invictus Gaming, IG had a good start but Aster had a full durable draft to which IG had no counter. IG’s Medusa’s damage output was reduced by Aster’s Tidehunter, Abaddon’s damage absorbing shield on allies and Ursa’s enrage that reduces the damage received by 80% for a few seconds. IG knew they were out drafted; hence they surrendered the game before losing even a single tier 3 tower.

In the second match, it was almost equal until the teams started to contest for Roshan. Even though Aster secured Aegis, IG played aggressively and ganked the enemy. IG were even able to eliminate the Faceless Void with aegis without losing much. Aster were not able to dominate the game; even though they secured aegis one more time. But IG lost the game only because they were neither able to secure the aegis nor able to win fights near the Roshan.

Another interesting series was the match-up between Team Aster and Vici Gaming. Team Aster secured the series with 2-1 victory.

Vici Gaming favored Death Prophet picking her across all three games. Whereas for Aster it was a Treant Protector triple series. Vici Gaming played aggressively in the first game but couldn’t win the team fights. Wraith King was always their first target. But with reincarnation, Wraith King came back to life, and Vici Gaming didn’t have enough ways to kill him again.

In the second game, it was equal until it hit 30-minutes; when Vici Gaming secured Roshan kill. Team Aster tried to fight in that situation but their major spells were on cooldown. This skirmish resulted in complete map domination for Vici Gaming. Which then got converted into a 10k net worth lead in the next 7-minutes, and a victory for Vici Gaming.

The last game of the series was won by Team Aster in spite of a good start for Vici Gaming. After buying a BKB, Aster’s Ursa was unstoppable, they team wiped Vici Gaming. Vici tried their best to make a comeback and were even able to take the fight to Team Aster’s high ground. But they couldn’t convert it into a victory.

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Highlight Series: Invictus Gaming vs Vici Gaming

The first game was a good comeback from IG as they were 16k net worth behind Vici Gaming. The fight that turned the game in IG’s favor was at their high ground. In that fight, Vici Gaming could have slowly but surely taken the melee barracks without a team fight. But Juggernaut saw an opportunity and dove to tier 4 towers while Omnislashing the opponents. His Omnislash took him so far that his teammates couldn’t go close to help him. Eventually, one small victory got converted into kills all over the map and Vici Gaming surrendered the game.

In the second game, IG had a slight edge in the early game but 2 consecutive bad team fights changed the game. Vici Gaming’s Xiong “Pyw” Jiahan on Clockwerk counter initiated and disrupted the initiation of IG. This helped Vici Gaming win the team fight and just a few seconds later, instead of backing down, IG thought of finding a quick kill but lost a few heroes again. Vici Gaming took the advantage of this momentum and secured a victory.

The third game was a complete lane domination by IG. They gained a massive 5k net worth lead by just 11-minutes into the game. If that wasn’t a great start, then just a few seconds later, Vici Gaming died one by one to grab a rune. After the 4-minute mark, IG made a mistake of grouping near enemy’s tier 2 tower. That lead to a massive AOE combo damage by Vici Gaming killing 4 IG heroes without losing any. IG slowly secured their win but they had problems in team fight as Vici Gaming had amazing AOE combo damage.



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