Dota 2: DPC SEA Upper & Lower Division — Tiebreakers Results

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Dota 2: DPC SEA Upper & Lower Division — Tiebreakers Results

Highlights of the Dota Pro Circuit tiebreakers.

The DPC Season 2 has concluded with an exciting end to it. The Southeast Asia region played out its tiebreakers with teams T1 and TNC Predator competing for the first-second spot. Execration and Fnatic battled for the third-fourth position and fifth-sixth positions were decided with matches between Omega, BOOM and OB.Neon Esports.

The Lower Division had only a single tiebreaker match between Army Geniuses and Team Mystery for the sixth and seventh positions.

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Upper Division

The first match between Omega and BOOM went on for more than an hour. Both teams played well to push ahead and grab the win. However, it was Omega with their Arc Warden and Bristleback who won the match.

BOOM won the second match against Neon Esports. The game was full of interesting skirmishes and fights which swung the gold lead between the two teams. Although Neon edged ahead with a 3k gold lead at around 18 minutes into the game, they could not sustain it for long. BOOM made their way back into the game with their decently farmed Templar Assassin. Neon lost 27-25 to BOOM.

The draft in the Omega vs Neon game favored the latter. Neon picked Wraith King, Viper and Ancient Apparition; who are good against Faceless Void, which was drafted in Omega’s lineup. The game went on for 38 minutes with Neon grabbing their first win of the tiebreaker matches.

Omega won the round 2 match against BOOM with a dominating performance. Picks of Ember and Ursa were great for Omega as they kept grabbing kills around the map. The scoreline read 49-15, and the game was over in about an hour.

Execration won the 3rd-4th place tiebreaker 2-0 against Fnatic. It was crucial for Fnatic to win this as it was a key for getting into the major. The first match was neck to neck, but Fnatic could not deal with Execration’s Doom pick. Fnatic lost 25-23 in the first match.

The second game was also close as Fnatic went for Terrorblade and Leshrac but could not close the game, losing 30-27 to Execration.

T1 won the tiebreaker for the first and second spot as they swept past TNC Predator 2-0. TNC got out-farmed by T1’s Empower buffed Wraith King in the first game. The first match ended 15-24 in T1’s favor. TNC did not learn from their mistakes and allowed T1’s 23Savage to pick Wraith King once more. Unlike the last game, the second match was a stomp as T1 completely dominated with a score of 30-9, qualifying into the playoffs of the AniMajor.

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Lower Division

Army Geniuses won their tiebreaker for the 6th spot on the table. Winning the first match comfortably with a score of 29-8. The second game was also short with a scoreline of 28-11 in AG’s favour. Dominating the game with a Broodmother and Kunkka pick, AG won 2-0 against Team Mystery.

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