Dota 2: DPC SEA Regional Finals LB Round 1 & UB Finals

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Dota 2: DPC SEA Regional Finals LB Round 1 & UB Finals

ESTNN recaps LB round 1 and Upper Bracket Finals of Dota 2 DPC Regional Finals.

We saw some outstanding Dota 2 action on the first day of SEA DPC Regionals Finals. You can have a look at the recap here. T1 played well to beat Fnatic 2-1 and BOOM Esports defeated the likes of Team SMG with a score of 2-0. The losers of the first round will compete in the Lower Brackets. Whereas, the ones who won will face off each other in the Upper Bracket Finals.

LB Round 1 – Team SMG Vs Fnatic

Team SMG started with Razor, Grimstroke, Beastmaster, Tidehunter and Storm Spirit. Whereas, Fnatic picked Legion Commander, Tinker, Hoodwink, Kunkka and Bane. Both teams were in between skirmishes to get a lead in the early game. However, it was SMG who got an early Aegis and took a 3k net worth around 15 minutes into the game. Storm was absolutely everywhere, forcing fights and creating a ruckus. The advantage grew as SMG looked to take objectives around the map. It looked like Fnatic could pull through a comeback, but SMG were careful to not make too many mistakes. The scoreline was 53-27 in SMG’s favor.

The second match saw Fnatic pick Venomlancer, Tidehunter, Invoker, Morphling and Lion. Team SMG, on the other hand, picked Ursa, Earthshaker, Brewmaster, Shadow Demon and Queen Of Pain. The game had intense action from the very beginning, with both teams playing on the front foot. Although the Morphling was looking to go big, SMG were quite efficient in keeping things to their advantage. At around 15 minutes, SMG were 4k ahead in net worth and with Ursa farmed, there was very little Fnatic could do. The game ended with a 23-50 score in 40 minutes.

UB Finals – BOOM Esports Vs T1


BOOM picked Disrupter, Nature’s Prophet, Mars, Snapfire and Wraith King for the first match. Whereas, T1’s lineup included Legion Commander, Puck, Shadow Demon, Mirana and Terrorblade. Although with small clashes happening around the map, the game was even. It was only after an extremely bad fight from BOOM that T1 took the lead at around 25 minutes into the game. After getting in front, T1 never looked back and started increasing their lead. The game ended in 39 minutes with a score of 15-32 in T1’s favor.

BOOM’s lineup for the second match had Phantom Assassin, Weaver, Pangolier, Queen Of Pain and Bane. T1 picked Beastmaster, Kunkka, Disrupter, Faceless Void and Snapfire. With a high gank style play, BOOM stepped their early game. They kept picking off heroes from T1 to disrupt the flow of their game. BOOM also had a massive 7k gold lead at 14 minutes into the game. As the game continued, BOOM kept getting stronger with both PA and QOP farmed. T1 lost the game with a score of 29-14 in 35 minutes.

The third match was a peculiar one. Although the game ran for about 54 minutes, T1 was clearly dominating BOOM. It was their Batrider pick which tantalized BOOM’s lineup. At around 16 minutes, T1 had 15 kills against only two of BOOM Esports. The net worth was also in favor of T1. They continued to dominate and kept their momentum on the positive side. T1 hunted and destroyed the BOOM side in the third game. The ending score line was 9-43 in T1’s favor.

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