Dota 2: DPC SEA Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1

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Dota 2: DPC SEA Regional Finals Upper Bracket Round 1

A recap of Upper Bracket Round 1 games in SEA Regional Finals of Dota 2.

The first round games mark the start of SEA Regional Finals of Dota 2. It features BOOM Esports going against Team SMG and Fnatic taking on T1. Let’s have a closer look at the matches between these teams.

BOOM Esports Vs Team SMG

The first match saw BOOM pick Lion, Kunkka, Mirana, Beastmaster and Medusa. Whereas, Team SMG’s picks were Spirit Breaker, Morphling, Shadow Demon, Leshrac and Tusk. BOOM Esports took the early lead in net worth around 12 minutes in the game. With their growing net worth and command over the game, it was getting increasingly difficult for Team SMG to keep up with the team fights. An Aegis on Medusa and her healthy farm proved quite lethal for SMG. BOOM won the match with a score of 44-24 in around 35 minutes.

BOOM also took the second match to win the series 2-0. Their lineup had Medusa, Mirana, Pangolier, Snapfire and Lion. Team SMG picked Morphling, Spirit Breaker, Tidehunter, Tusk and Ember Spirit. BOOM were very aggressive right from the beginning. They were making plays around the middle Snapfire and giving space to Medusa. The fights SMG took around the 17-minute mark were not fruitful for them. BOOM could take an advantage and snowballed from there. A special mention to Erin Jasper “Yopaj” Ferrer who was amazing on Snapfire and ended up with 30 kills. BOOM won the match 54-23 in 39 minutes.

Fnatic Vs T1

Fnatic picked a strong lineup with Wraith King, Brewmaster, Void Spirit, Weaver and Grimstroke. On the other end, T1 had Kunkka, Queen Of Pain, Shadow Demon, Lifestealer and Mirana. Both teams started with a slow paced game, which is very unusual for their play style. However, It was T1 who was leading the scoreboard from the early game. They took Roshan first and converted the game into a guaranteed win with a fight towards the very end of the match. The score was 19-7 in 40 minutes.

It was time for Fnatic to strike back and they played some exceptional Dota 2 to do that in the second match. T1 picked Mars, Kunkka, Outworld Destroyer, Snapfire and Wraith King. Whereas, Fnatic had Death Prophet, Tusk, Queen Of Pain, Medusa and Jakiro. The second game was also low scoring in the early minutes. However, T1 was leading with 3k gold advantage at 22 minutes in the game. The game seemed quite even, with both sides fighting for a significant opening. However, Fnatic took Roshan and had a brilliant fight which won them the game. The score was 25-25 in an hour long game.

The third match saw Fnatic pick Tidehunter, Pangolier, Lina, Wraith King and Jakiro. T1 had a lineup with Mars, Leshrac, Disrupter, Phantom Assassin and Io. In a high paced match, both teams were looking to gain an upper hand. However, it was T1 who came out in front with an initial gold lead of 4k. Fnatic didn’t give up and the two teams brawled to get an advantage. With Aegis, Fnatic were pushing very well. However, around 46 minutes Fnatic got caught and lost two of their heroes. Later they lost a fight where PA shredded heroes for fun. T1 won the game with a score of 21-28 in 53 minutes.

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