Dota 2: DPC China Upper & Lower Division — Tiebreakers Results

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Dota 2: DPC China Upper & Lower Division — Tiebreakers Results

A look at the tiebreakers in SEA and China.

With the end of DPC, team standings show which teams have done well both in the Upper and Lower Divisions. The Upper Division of China regions in DPC Season 2. In fact, it was the Lower Division teams who competed till the very last to decide standings through tiebreakers. Here are the recaps from both regions.

Lower Division

LBZS and MagMa faced off against each other in the round one games. Although both teams picked a good draft, MagMa lost 28-25 to LBZS. Picks including heroes like Tiny and Timbersaw did well for their team.

The round 2 match saw MagMa win 43-34 in a 47-minute war against LBZS. MagMa’s decision of picking Puck helped them secure the tempo of the game along with heroes like Lone Druid and Death Prophet. LBZS fell short with heroes like Faceless Void and Lina.

The game between Aster.Aries and LBZS went in the latter’s favor. With picks like Medusa and Skywrath Mage, LBZS won 16-41 against Aster.

LBZS came back in the round two matches against Aster with a score of 27-14, ending the game in about 28 minutes. Picking Bristleback gave an enormous advantage to LBZS and both Broodmother and Ursa could not play their intended roles.

Aster dominated their match against MagMa with a score of 30-12, ending the match just under 35 minutes. A snowballing Lina controlled the game for Aster as they farmed and leveled up on Magnus. MagMa could not get any opportunity to farm on Medusa and control the game with their Void Spirit.

MagMa went against Aster in a 28-19 win for the latter. Aster picked Void and Leshrac against MagMa’s Medusa and QOP. The game was 34 minutes long with Aster having low map control and space to farm.

Demon Slayers came through with a win in their three-game series against Xtreme Gaming. However, they were later disqualified for using an unauthorized stand-in. Leaving Xtreme to take the 6th spot on the ladder and avoid relegation.

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Upper Division – PSG.LGD Vs Vici Gaming

The Upper Division tiebreakers saw VG take the first game with a 38-18 scoreline. They had an early game gold lead which kept increasing with picks like Broodmother and Bristleback. Although LGD tried to come back in the game, VG were persistent enough to keep pushing the game to their advantage.

LGD started with an early game advantage with a 3k gold lead. Their picks of Faceless Void, Legion Commander and Lina played out well as VG could not play around Void’s cooldowns. The game was over after a fight near the Roshan pit. LGD had a 24k gold advantage and ended the game 37-25.

The last game saw LGD with a 5k gold lead at around 22 minutes in the game. After a few team fights, LGD kept increasing the lead and eventually got strong enough to push high ground. They won 37-25 against VG and qualified for the group stage matches.

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