Dota Summit 11 – Day 3 Highlights

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Dota Summit 11 – Day 3 Highlights

Our top highlights from another action-packed day at Dota Summit 11

Our third day of competition in Los Angeles is done and dusted. We saw plenty of top-tier Dota 2, let’s check out some of the highlights.

Chaos Esports Club vs jfshfh178 – Game 2

Chaos were on fire in round one of our Upper Bracket series. They faced off against CIS newcomers, 178. Game two was an especially satisfying stomp for the NA team. They overran 178 in just 22-minutes. Thanks to a double-kill around 6-minutes into the laning phase cementing their gold lead, Chaos were able to snowball quickly to a victory.

Palantimos didn’t even manage to score a single kill on his Lifestealer pick, ending the game 0/2/0. CC&C on the other hand, went 7/2/5 by game’s end.


Invictus Gaming vs HellRaisers – Game 1

Another highlight from the first round of our Upper Bracket series was the first game between IG and HellRaisers. This match was neck-and-neck, stretching on for almost an hour and a half as both teams pulled out all the stops, including divine rapiers.

This game was uncomfortably even and could have swung either way over its lengthy 85-minutes. The final score was an even 54–54, and there was only a 3.4k difference in the net worth.

In the end the victory in game one went to Invictus, thanks in no small part to the stunning performance given by Emo on his Storm Spirit. Invictus Gaming also went on to take the series, our first team to make it to the Grand Finals at this Minor.

Even so, it’s worth highlighting V-Tune’s Terrorblade in this game as well. He really did work for HR, going 23/5/14 in this game, and taking out the highest kills overall. A total of 49 across all three games.


HellRaisers vs jfshfh178 – Game 3

Our final series of the day had a lot of tense moments. But game three definitely delivered on the entertainment. A triple-kill for HellRaisers top lane in the game’s opening seconds set the pace for this b match.

HellRaisers had a 5k net worth lead by 14-minutes into the game and were 8-kills up on 178.  At just past the 20-minute mark the kills were 19–5, and HellRaisers had taken a 13k lead. This was largely in part thanks to their beautiful control of the map which provided plenty of space for Nix to get free farm on his Outworld Devourer. He finished with a 9/1/12 KDA. HellRaisers closed out the match at 27-minutes with the kills at 27–6, taking the series 2–1.

HellRaisers compete at Dota Summit 11

It was a disappointing end to a great run at Summit for jfshfh178. They were something of a dark horse this Minor, putting on an impressive performance throughout the groups.

There’s just one day left of our first Minor of the DPC season. Tune in to catch all the action from the Summit 11 finals live on Twitch. Be sure to follow us on  Twitter for all the latest Dota 2 news and highlights.

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