Dota 2: Diretide Receives Its First Nerfs

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Dota 2: Diretide Receives Its First Nerfs

We check out the latest changes to Diretide.

After waiting for over seven years, every Dota 2 player finally got the chance to play Diretide. This is an incredible event that you can enjoy with your friends and win some pretty cool prizes.

Even though the event was only released a few days ago, we already have the first update, which brings a few nerfs. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable ones.

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What’s new?

Since the event is still new, players are still testing to see which heroes work best. Naturally, some of them are way more useful than others. However, it seems like one hero stood above all, and that’s Clinkz.

Although the other invisible heroes also proved to be really strong, Clinkz and his Death Pact made a major difference, especially in the later rounds of the event. Consequently, Valve decided to nerf this hero and buff True Sight, which will help reveal the invisible units.

Here are some of the general changes:

  • The Home Buckets and Taffy Wells now have 1200 True Sight, instead of 100.
  • Unlike before, Scarecrow Stashes now provide True Strike in a 1000 radius.
  • Every unit owned by a player that’s not a hero will deal only 25% of its normal damage to the home bucket.
  • Taffy Guardians now take 50% damage from the player-owned nonhero units.

Apart from that, there are also some item changes. Now, the Sentry Ward restocks in 60 seconds and it costs just 50 gold. Previously, this item cost 75 gold and you had to wait 85 seconds to get it. Furthermore, dust gold now costs 50 gold, and the TP scroll has a 45s cooldown, instead of 80.

Last, but definitely not least, Clinkz’s Death Pact benefit from Rotting Hulks and Festering Hulks is reduced fo 25%. This is a pretty big nerf because previously, it was 40%. Additionally, this ability will only give get a 10% buff from the Volatile Arachnids, instead of 25%.

Following these changes, we think that Clinkz will definitely be way less effective than he was. Apart from the direct nerfs, the buffs to True Strike, as well as the other will also have a negative effect on the player.

It will be interesting to see what will happen with Diretide in the future. Feel free to follow ESTNN if you need any additional information about this amazing event.

Dota 2: Diretide Receives Its First Nerfs
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