Dota 2: Diretide Is Back!

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Dota 2: Diretide Is Back!

After so many years, Diretide is finally back!

Even though COVID-19 pretty much messed up everything in Dota 2, Valve decided to make the dream of many people come true. After a few years, we will finally be able to participate in Diretide.

“Brace yourself for a special Dota 2 event. Roshan stomps from his cave, lumbering down the river, hungry for candy and blood. Round after round of an all-new frenetic, five-on-five game-mode aways. Lo, the season returns. It’s Diretide”.

What to expect

One of the first things that we can expect is an all-new event, where players will have to collect candy. This is similar to what we had to do a few years ago, so those that played during that time will know what to do.

While you’re playing, you will also earn Diretide points. This is a new concept that will allow you to exchange those points for different Roshan rewards. You can choose from a courier, a new chest, a seasonal item, and many more.

Unlock the Revamped Treasure

In addition to what we’ve mentioned, players will also have the chance to unlock an amazing treasure. However, this will only be possible if players have a key, which will cost $2.50 USD.

There are many more surprises that you’ll have access to, so make sure you read the full update notes. Good luck!

Dota 2: Diretide Is Back!
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