Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Guide – How to Play

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Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Guide – How to Play

This Dota 2 Dawnbreaker guide will reveal what makes this hero one of the more interesting options.

Known as one of the newest heroes in Dota 2, Dawnbreaker quickly became one of the popular names in our favorite game. Even though she hasn’t been that big in pro matches, Dawn dominated PUB Dota 2 for months. The hero has become one of the preferred offlaners, but she can also be the team’s mid or carry, depending on the situation.

We will walk you through this Dawnbreaker Dota 2 guide and show you everything you should know about the hero and how to use it. It is worth knowing that this is a melee STR hero that starts with 56-60 damage, 4.3 armor, and 310 movement speeds. The solid early-game stats allow it to lane well against almost anything.

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Guide – Abilities

Before taking a look at the Dawnbreaker Dota 2 skins and other options, here’s an overview of the hero’s abilities.

  • Starbreaker – When used, Dawnbreaker whirls her hammer around 3 times and smashes the ground, dealing 70 bonus damage and stunning all targets within a 300 AoE for 1.2s.
  • Celestial Hammer – Throws a hammer that deals 140 damage and leaves a fire trail for 2.5s This trail slows down Enemey’s movement speed by 36% and deals 50 DPS. Dawnbreaker can also recall her hammer at any time, and it will pull her towards it so they can meet in the middle.
  • Luminosity – After 3 attacks, Dawnbreaker will deal a 200% critical strike on her next attack and heal for 50% of that damage from heroes (40% penalty for creeps). Allied heroes will be healed for half that amount.
  • Solar Guardian – This ability allows Dawnbreaker to TP anywhere on the map where there is an allied hero, dealing 190 landing damage + 70 damage per second per pulse. This ability will also heal allies and stun all enemy units for 1.8s and pierces debuff immunity.
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If there is a Shard in the game, Starbreaker will grant the hero a 50% magic resistance and free movement speed while using this ability. However, Dawnbreaker will be slown down by 25% while using the ability. Aghanim’s Scepter will provide evasion to allies and allows the hero to move the landing point while airborne.

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 Guide – Talents

The new Dota 2 Hero, Dawnbreaker, a tall golden haired woman with a massive stone hammer, stands in a grassy field. A purple sky filled with stars behind her

After second important thing for the Dota 2 Dawnbreaker build is the hero’s talents, so let’s learn more about them.

  • Level 10 – +15% slow to Celestial Hammer or +20 Starbreaker Smash and Swipe damage
  • Level 15 – Solar Guardian -20s Cooldown or Luminosity +50% Critical Strike Damage
  • Level 20 – Luminosity -1 attack required or Solar Guardian gains +150 radius
  • Level 25 – Celestial Hammer gets +80% Cast range/speed or Starbreaker gets -6s cooldown

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Guide – Tips

Before checking the items for the best Dawnbreaker Dota 2 build, we must share a few things about the hero and how to play. Truth be told, this hero is easy to master and is highly efficient against pretty much anything. Sure, she’s not that good against ranged heroes, but she can farm pretty fast, and her damage output makes her dangerous against almost anything.

What’s interesting about Dawnbreaker is that the hero is exceptionally strong early on and in the mid-game but falls behind later on. That’s one reason why most people using her are trying to end the game as fast as possible.

Dawnbreaker can work in interesting combinations with a lot of heroes. Her ultimate makes her very unpredictable because her team can always have +1 players when needed. This allows the hero to farm the side camps and the lane and always assist her team when needed.

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 Guide – Pros and Cons

Aside from the Dota 2 Dawnbreaker skins, the hero has a few other pluses and minuses.


  • Great starting stats
  • Amazing for the early and mid game
  • Farms pretty fast
  • Can assist her team whenever she wants to
  • Fairly difficult to kill
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  • Not that strong later on
  • The hero has a few big counters

Dawnbreaker Dota 2 Guide – Items

You can check the Dawnbreakear Dota 2 wiki for more information about the items, but we’ll list some of the most common and important items about the hero.

Starting Items

The best starting items for this hero include Tango, Healing Salve, and a Quelling Blade. These items will allow her to heal herself and do even more damage to creeps. Some people will also get an Enchanted Mango.

Early game

Depending on how the game’s going, Dawnbreaker can get Boots of Speed, Magic Wad, and Soul Ring.

Mid game

The mid-game items for this hero can include Echo Sabre, Phase Boots, Heaven’s Halberd (depending on the situation, and Sange and Yasha. Some people also go for a BKB straight away.

Late game

The best late-game items for this hero depend on what she has to go up. Some Dawnbreaker players get things like Blade Mail, Desolator, Satanic, Assault Cuirass, and more.

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker counter

Dawnbreaker looks amazing in the Starlorn Adjudicator set

Regardless of the Dota 2 Dawnbreaker position you’re playing in, this hero has a few big counters that are annoying to play against, so let’s learn more about them.

  • Viper – This hero is a nightmare to play against as Dawnbreajer. He has the ability to disable Luminosity and his range allows him to harass the hero all the time.
  • Lifestealer – Although Dawnbreaker is not a hero that stacks that much STR, Lifestealer is a good option because he can do a lot of damage.
  • Faceless Void – Void’s ability to Time Walk, as well as his damage output and ultimate, make him a very good option versus Dawnbreaker. 


Dawnbreaker is a Dota 2 hero that has the potential to do a lot of damage. However, she’s an option that works better in specific situations. Even if you like the Dawnbreaker Dota 2 voice actor, you need to analyze the enemy’s setup and think carefully if the hero will work. The good news is that Dawnbreaker is an amazing option in PUBs.

Dota 2 Dawnbreaker Guide – How to Play
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