Dota 2: Faceless Void Guide — The Hero Who Can Win You Games

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Dota 2: Faceless Void Guide — The Hero Who Can Win You Games

Faceless Void is one of Dota 2's top tier heroes, here's how he can help win you games.

Dota 2 has a lot of top-tier heroes that people pick when they want to reach their desired MMR. Some of them are also good for professional games, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Faceless Void falls into this category.

It is safe to say that Void is among the most popular cores in Dota 2. The hero has been around forever and can fit into different roles depending on the situation. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to use him, which is why this Faceless Void Dota 2 guide will try to provide you with everything you should know.

Although Void was not that popular lately, Valve decided to add an Arcana with the new Battle Pass. Unsurprisingly, this greatly impacted the hero’s popularity, and he quickly rose to the top. Nowadays, Void is among the top-tier carries and can be a viable offlaner, depending on the lineup. That said, let’s learn more about the hero.


Faceless Void is a melee AGI hero that works as a carry or offlaner. The hero experienced a lot of changes over the years, but he has always been one of the best. Aside from his high damage output, the hero is also known for being hard to kill. What’s more, Void has one of the strongest team-fight ultimates in the game.

Before this Dota 2 Faceless Void guide points out some of the most important things you need to be aware of, it is essential to remember that he is one of the few heroes people use in PUBs and professional games. This is proof that he is really popular right now.

Void’s role in the early and mid-game depends on whether he is a carry or an offlaner

Since Faceless Void is one of the few heroes that can be an offlaner or a carry, his goals during the laning stage and in the mid-game depend a lot on his position. Players who choose the offlane have to get to level 6 ASAP. Once that happens, they should try to rotate and get a kill with Chrono. The same applies to the mid-game, where their primary role is to secure kills with their team with Chronosphere.

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However, when it comes down to playing a carry void, the hero’s job is to farm as much as possible. Generally speaking, Void is not the fastest farmer in the game, so players often get items like Battlefury or Mjollnir. These two increase the hero’s farming speed and allow him to keep up with the enemy’s carry.

The bad thing about these two items is that they do not allow Void to take that many fights because he focuses on farming. Hence, some people prefer to get things like Diffusal Blade and take as many fights as possible.

Speaking of fighting, this is definitely not a hero you’d want to be passive with. Sure, you can keep farming, but always carry a TP and keep an eye on the minimap so you can TP when it is needed. Don’t forget that Chronosphere is one of the strongest ultimates in the game, and you can always turn a fight around.

Using Chronosphere

We’ve mentioned a couple of times that Chronosphere is one of the best ultimates in Dota 2, but this doesn’t matter if you can’t use it correctly. One of the worst things that can happen as a Void player is to use the ult in a way that will give the enemy an advantage. There are all sorts of scenarios where things can go really bad, for example, many Void players catch a specific enemy inside their ult, but they also get at least several teammates as well. As a result, the enemy team can do free damage until the ult is over.

Landing good Chronospheres might seem easy, but it is not, and it will take a lot of practice until you learn how to take advantage of the ult. Fortunately, once that happens, you will see why Faceless Void is one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Be careful when using Time Walk

One of the big reasons why Faceless Void can be used as an offlaner and a carry is because of Time Walk. This is an incredibly strong ability that only has a 6s cooldown on level 4. When used, Void can “walk” up to 800 range ahead, and he will backtrack any damage taken in the last 2s. In other words, the hero can use this ability to get back to full HP if someone attacks him and fails to land a kill.

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Unsurprisingly, there are many situations where Void won’t be able to “heal up” and die. This usually happens when the stun/silence or another disable lasts longer than 2 seconds. However, it can also happen when Void players do not keep an eye on their opponents’ cooldowns.

Some heroes are notorious for having stuns and other kinds of disables, so your primary job as a Faceless Void in the offlane is to keep an eye on these cooldowns and use your Time Walk accordingly. In other words, do not start a fight with heroes like Sven and rely on using your Q to Escape because he has a stun.

Getting the right items

One of the things you need to remember about this Faceless Void Dota 2 Guide is that the hero can get different kinds of items, depending on the situation. Unlike other carries that usually go for the same things, Void is different, and it all depends on his role and opponents.

In most cases, people get some kind of item that allows them to farm faster. Maelstrom into a Mjollnir is a really good option because this item also gives the hero a lot of attack speed. The latter is one of his most important stats because he has Time Lock, one of the strongest stuns in the game.

Aside from Mjollnit, you can also get things like Butterfly, Skadi, MoM, SNY, Daedalus, Moon Shard, Satanic, and much more. In terms of utility items, Faceless Void can go for things like a Blink Dagger, BKB, Shadow Blade, and more.


Although Time Walk allows him to lane well against pretty much anything, Faceless Void also has a lot of counters that people need to be aware of. Huskar, for example, is one of the worst heroes he can go up against because his Q won’t save him from the arrows. What’s more, failing to kill this hero during the Chronosphere means that Void will die afterward.

Meepo is also a very annoying counter because Void can’t use his Q to escape. A good Meepo player will use his deadly Poof combo and kill this carry in a matter of seconds.

Void is also not good against heroes who have tons of disable, such as Shadow Shaman, Lion and Bane.

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