Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Carry Guide – Uncommon Builds

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Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Carry Guide – Uncommon Builds

Let’s take a look at how you can play one of the most popular supports in Dota 2 as a monstrous carry with our Crystal Maiden Carry Guide

Since the old days of Dota and Dota 2, Crystal Maiden had always stood firm in the support role in position 4 or 5. Regardless, in the everchanging mechanics of Dota 2, nothing is ever truly set in stone, as demonstrated by many pro-players who devastate enemies with a never-before-seen playstyle. This guide will be going into details on how you can play Crystal Maiden in the role of a carry too. 

Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Carry Guide - Uncommon Builds

Crystal Maiden Carry Guide

Since adding talent trees, players have been experimenting with the idea of Crystal Maiden (CM) being a carry. Particularly, her level 20 talent gives her an absolutely insane +225 attack speed, which has many players wondering about her potential as a carry. This guide will teach you how to play Crystal Maiden as carry and dominate your games!

Skill Build And Talent Tree

  • Take Crystal Nova at level 1 to secure range creep kills
  • Take a level in Arcane Aura and Frostbite so you have all three spells at level 3
  • If the lane is going well, max out Crystal Nova and Arcane Aura to farm up in the lane
  • If you are at risk of getting kicked out of lane, take 2 or 3 levels of Frostbite to farm neutral creeps on the side, max the Aura along with it to be able to spam your skills
  • Skill and upgrade your Ultimate ability whenever it is available.
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CM’s talent tree selection is very important, as it is the part of her kit that enabled her to be viable as a position 1 in the first place. You should take all of her talents as soon as they are available.

  • Level 10: +250 Health
  • Level 15: -3s Crystal Nova Cooldown (very rarely take the other one, only if team severely lacks disables)
  • Level 20: +225 Attack Speed
  • Level 25: +1.25 Frostbite Duration

Itemization And Power Spikes

Here are the items to buy on carry Crystal Maiden.

  • Starting Items: Iron Branch (x2), Mantle of Intelligence (x2), Tango(1 set), Enchanted Mango
  • Early Game Items: Null Talisman (x2), Phase Boots, Hand of Midas
  • Mid Game Items: Desolator, Black King Bar (BKB), Kaya & Yasha, Manta Style (Disassemble Kaya and Yasha)
  • Late Game Items (Situational): Daedalus, Nullifier, Silver Edge, Scythe of Vyse, Bloodthorn


CM does pretty well in most lanes, but also asks your team to stack for you. She can farm hard camps very early on thanks to Frostbite and even clear out ancient stacks with relative ease.

The major power spike CM plays for is her level 20 talent. With the help of your Hand of Midas, you should be able to get to that talent near the mid game. Ideally, you would want to have up to the mid game batch of items and either Silver Edge or Daedalus depending on the game.

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CM can show up to fights earlier, especially if she has a good start in the laning phase or if the enemy team doesn’t have Heroes to jump her. She deals quite a bit of right-click damage as soon as she gets Desolator and you can generally clean up kills at that point.

In most games you need to wait till you have BKB to take large teamfights, as she is very squishy.

Stay Tuned For More Uncommon Builds

Give this Crystal Maiden carry build a shot and take the enemy team by surprise. With that being said, stay tuned for more as we will post soon!


Dota 2 Crystal Maiden Carry Guide – Uncommon Builds
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