Dota 2: Burjui Is No Longer A Part Of The EU DPC Lower Division

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Dota 2: Burjui Is No Longer A Part Of The EU DPC Lower Division

Following yesterday's alleged match-fixing scandal, we have yet another controversy.

After Meta4Pro decided to step away from the DPC qualifiers due to potential match-fixing problems, we have yet another team from the EU Lower Division that won’t be able to participate in the event anymore.

The Disqualification

According to DreamHack, burjui was disqualified from the event because they broke the tournament rules. In a tweet that was posted a few hours ago, DreamHack said that the team basically provided fake information regarding a positive COVID-19 test. This triggered an investigation, which proved that the document related to the positive COVID-19 test was forged.

The idea behind burjui’s decision to fabricate this document was to use the services of a stand-in player. After DreamHack’s decision, we are yet to see whether Valve will take any action.

Following the disqualification, the Lower Division now consists of six teams. This means that all of them are safe from elimination. However, we are yet to see the teams that will make it to the Upper Division next season.

  • Creepwave
  • Brame
  • Hellbear Smashers
  • No Bounty Hunter
  • Spider Pigzs
  • Hippomaniacs

If you need more information, make sure you visit ESTNN. Even though there are loads of intriguing Dota 2 games, we will cover all of them. In addition to Europe, we will also review what happened in the other regions.

Dota 2: Burjui Is No Longer A Part Of The EU DPC Lower Division
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