Dota 2: Meta4Pro Withdraws From DPC Due To Possible Match-Fixing

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Dota 2: Meta4Pro Withdraws From DPC Due To Possible Match-Fixing

Sadly, we saw yet again another match-fixing scandal, but this time it is in the DPC.

The European Lower Division is really interesting to watch because the teams there are unpredictable. Sadly, one of them won’t be a part of it anymore due to possible involvement in match-fixing.

Meta4Pro forfeited their sport in the division because, supposedly, one of their players took part in match-fixing. According to the team “This decision was made after the last two meetings with the Hippomaniacs and burjui teams.” Meta4Pro said that they have reasons to believe that one of their players, whose nickname is still unknown, has been involved in 322 actions, a.k.a match-fixing. However, it has not been confirmed yet.

Following the reveal, the team informed ESL Gaming, which also reported the problem to Valve and the Esports Integrity Commission. Now, the team is no longer a part of the competition, which means that they automatically receive a 0-7 score. In fact, they became the first team to leave the event.

If you want to watch the upcoming matches in the EU Lower Division, make sure you tune in on February 17. One of the series that we can’t wait to watch is between Hippomaniacs and Hellbear Smashers. The latter is fighting for a top-two finish, which means they have to win at all costs.

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