Dota 2: Best Build for Muerta in 7.32e

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Dota 2: Best Build for Muerta in 7.32e

We take a look at the best builds for the new hero Muerta in Dota 2's latest patch, 7.32e.

After waiting for a couple of months, Muerta is finally here. Dota 2’s latest hero was announced at TI 11, and it took Valve several months to release it. Fortunately, the hero became available with The Dead Reckoning Update.

Like all new heroes in Dota 2, Muerta quickly took over the PUB scene, which explains why we always see her. She definitely has what to offer, and in this article, we will take a look at what she does and how to make the most of it. Even though the hero is new, we think we can already see the best built for her in patch 7.23e, so let’s dive in.


Muerta is an Intelligence hero that can be classified as a Carry and a Nuker. She has 4 abilities, 3 of which are active. 

  • Dead Shot – Her first ability is called Deadsbhot, and it allows her to hit multiple units, dealing damage along the way.
  • The Calling – Muerta’s second ability allows the hero to summon revenants who slow enemies and reduce their attack speed. Those that go through them will also take damage and will get silenced. 
  • Gunslinger – Muerta’s third ability is called Gunslinger, and it’s the hero’s passive skill. It gives her a chance to attack an additional target, and it prioritizes heroes. 
  • Pierce the Veil – The ultimate ability of Muerta Dota 2 allows her to become immune to physical damage, gives her bonus damage, and allows her to attack ethereal units. However, this comes at a cost because she can’t attack heroes immune to magic.

In terms of her stats, Muerta has an attack range of 575, 100 attack speed, 3000 projectile speed, and 295 movement speed. 

Muerta Item Build for Patch 7.32e

muerta-dota2 Dead Reckoning Update

Despite the fact that the hero is new, we’ve already seen that some of the top players in the world use the same item build. This is prone to change in the future, but for the Dota 2 patch 7.32e, it works.

Before we look at some of the items you can go for, it’s worth noting that the item build looks a lot as the one people got for Nature’s Prophet before the new update. These 2 heroes have more in common than you think, so there will be some similarities.

Early Game

The first thing you need to know before getting Muerta is that the hero is a core. We’ve seen her in the mid-lane, but most players will prefer to take the safe lane so that they can farm faster. Speaking of farming, her Q is pretty strong and allows her to be more effective than ot her meta carries.

In addition to focusing on your Deadshot, getting some levels into Gunslinger is probably a good idea. Even though this passive ability is really strong in the late game, The Calling requires too much mana early on. Sure, you can get it if needed, but focusing on your Q will allow you to farm faster because you’ll always have the mana to do so.

As for the items, there aren’t any specifics, meaning you have to get the standard INT carry items, such as those for Lina. This includes options like Null Talisman, Mangos, Stick, and so on. Once you have enough gold, you should go for PT and Falcon Blade because the items will make you more robust and do even more damage. 

That said, we’ve seen some players decide to go for Midas. The latter can work really well, but it all depends on the game and whether you can get it as soon as possible. Needless to say, there is no way to get Midas if you’re playing against a draft that will focus on pushing.

Mid Game

Once the laning stage is over, Muerta’s job as a position 1 for her team is to farm as much as possible. Those who’ve focused on Q and her passive can easily go to the jungle and start cleaning the Neutral camps. By the looks of it, Muerta is pretty good at cleaning stacks, so it is probably a good idea to tell someone from your team to help you with the stacks. 

Regarding items for the best Muerta Dota 2 Build patch 7.32e, we’ve seen that most people go for Maelstrom. Even though this was one of the items that received small nerfs, it works really well on Muerta. The latter can do a lot more damage, and the item’s proc chance stacks with her passive.

If everything in the mid-game goes according to plan, Muerta should be able to get Gleipnir relatively fast. Once again, these are among the items that were nerfed, but they are still good, especially for this hero.

Aside from the damage-based item, this hero also needs some defensive options because she doesn’t have a lot of armor and is susceptible to magical damage. As with all carries, she needs a BKB to make the most of her damage.

If Muerta is in the offlane, her item build will be slightly different because most people will probably rush Witch Blade, followed by BKB. However, the hero is usually in positions 1 and 2.

Late Game

If Muerta’s early and mid-game are okay, she is strong later on because her damage output is incredibly strong. Muerta’s ultimate allows her to rip through enemies who don’t have BKB, so she can easily kill at least 2 or 3 heroes as long as she has enough damage.

Speaking of the devil, in addition to everything mentioned so far, the hero can also benefit a lot from having a Daedalus. The latter is one of the items that give her a ton of damage and the ability to land critical strikes. 

Aside from this item, we’ve seen people go for Hurrikane Pike, Monkey King Bar, and even Silver Edge. It all depends on the game and the heroes you have to play against

Dota 2: Best Build for Muerta in 7.32e
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