Dota 2: Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 4

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Dota 2: Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 4

Find out what it takes to finish the Weekly Quests for Week 4 during the Battle Pass 2022.

Dota 2 releases weekly updates to keep its community engaged with challenges and rich rewards. You can take on new quests per week to receive bonus battle points by completing Weekly Quests with the Battle Pass 2022. 

Earning battle points will let you unlock new treasures, arcanas, vials, and emoticons, among other rewards. The new arcanas that are available with the Battle Pass 2022 include new sets for the Faceless Void, Phantom Assassin, Razor, Crystal Maiden, and the Primal Beast. Here’s what you need to finish the Weekly Quests for Week 4 in Dota 2. 

Peak Performance – Deal 50000 damage with your ultimate ability 

Dota 2 has more than 100 heroes who can dish out damage to enemies in battle. You can choose heroes that deal massive amounts of damage to opponents with their ultimate ability to complete the Peak Performance Weekly Quest. 

Dealing 5000 damage with your ultimate ability will earn Dota 2 players one star for the Peak Performance challenge in the Battle Pass 2022. You can deal 15000 damage with your ultimate ability to earn 2 stars and deal a total of 50000 damage to earn 3 stars during week 4. 


Snapfire uses Mortimer Kisses to melt enemies

Snapfire is a ranged hero who can melt her enemies in the heat of the battle. She has a base HP of 600 and a base mana pool of 327. Her base stats are 20 Strength, 21 Intelligence, and 16 Agility. Plus granny gains an additional 3.5 Strength per level. The Strength hero has a base movement speed of 300 and a base armor of 3.7. 

She has a projectile speed of 1800, which is much faster compared to other Strength heroes in the game. Mortimer Kisses, Snapfire's ulti, can spew globs of fire at opponents. Each glob deals 320 damage for a total of 8 globs. They have a 275 radius of impact and deal up to 100 damage per second. On top of that, each one can last for up to 3 seconds and also slows enemy movement speed by 25%. Mortimer Kisses has a cooldown of 100 seconds and consumes 175 mana. 

However, Snapfire's ulti isn't great in close-range combat. With a minimum range of 600, be sure to launch the globs of fire from a safe distance during team fights. Snapfire’s ultimate ability can deal a total of 2560 damage. You can use Mortimer Kisses a few times in a couple of matches to achieve the Peak Performance Weekly Quest. 


Lich uses Sinister Gaze to disable enemies

Lich can be a major disabler for your team in Dota 2, with several abilities that can slow his target and deal damage to them in a small area of effect. He has a base HP of 600 and a base mana pool of 363. The ranged hero has base stats of 24 Intelligence, 20 Strength, and 17 Agility. He gains 3.6 Intelligence per level. 

The Intelligence hero has a base movement speed of 295 and base armor of 1.8. Chain Frost, Lich's ultimate can be used to slow the movement speed and attack speed of enemies. It deals 550 damage per bounce and can bounce between enemy units up to 10 times. 

Lich's level 20 talent increases the damage dealt by Chain Frost by 100. Plus you have the option to gain unlimited bounces for Chain Frost at level 25 through the Talent Tree. It has a cooldown of 60 seconds and needs 420 mana. 

Another option is buying an Aghanim’s Shard for Lich, allowing you to create an Ice Spire at any location. Meaning your chain Frost can bounce off of an Ice Spire when there aren’t any other enemy units around. Ice Spire slows the movement speed of enemies by 30% and affects all units in a 750 radius. It takes 5 hits from enemy heroes to destroy the Ice Spire. 

Building Aghanim’s Scepter for Lich allows you to cast Sinister Gaze on all enemies within a 400 radius. You can release Chain Frost and immediately use Sinister Gaze to deal large bursts of damage within seconds. It will help you easily achieve Peak Performance Weekly Quest within a few games. 


Pugna, an Intelligence hero who drains the life out of his enemies, has a range of spells to nuke his foes. Pugna's base HP is 580 and his base mana is 363. And, he gains a staggering 5.2 Intelligence per level. Rounding out Pugna's stats is a base movement speed of 330 and base armor of 4. 

Pugna's ulti, Life Drain, heal allies for 320 health per second or drains 320 health per second from enemies. Life Drain can last for a total of 10 seconds and has a cast range of 700. It's cooldown is 7 seconds and costs 225 mana. 

You can purchase an Aghanim’s Shard to use Life Drain on the Nether Ward. Pugna can cast Life Drain on a Nether Ward to extract 320 health from all units within 700 radius. You can also buy an Aghanim’s Scepter to increase the damage dealt to enemies using Life Drain. It will also reduce the cooldown of Life Drain, making it critical while completing the Peak Performance Weekly Quest. Dota 2 players can play more games with Pugna to achieve 3 stars for the quest. 

Enchanting Enabler – Restore 40000 mana to allied heroes 

Restoring mana can make all the difference in a skirmish. Running low on mana can prompt your teammates to walk away from fights that could have gone your way. Which is why some support heroes have such great kits to deal with just this problem. 

The Enchanting Enabler is one of the Weekly Quest in the current Battle Pass. It bestows a star for restoring 5000 mana to allied heroes. You can earn 2 stars for restoring 15000 mana to teammates and earn 3 stars for restoring 40000 mana to allies. Here's our top picks for completing the Enchanting Enabler weekly quest.

Keeper of the Light (KotL)

Keeper of the Light uses Illuminate to wipe out waves of enemy units

Keeper of the Light is one of the most useful supports in Dota 2. The ranged hero has a base HP of 560 and a base mana pool of 351 and stats of 23 Intelligence, 18 Strength, and 15 Agility. KotL gains 3.2 Intelligence per level.

KotL's ability, Chakra Magic, restores up to 320 mana to his teammates at any point in the game. Plus, Chakra Magic can also be cast on allies who are immune to spells. It has a cooldown of 12 seconds and does not require additional mana to be cast. The magical spell also reduces the cooldown of all abilities by 6 seconds. 

Grabbing Aghanim’s Scepter on KotL is always a solid move thanks to Will-O-Wisp. You can use Will-O-Wisp to stun enemy units in a 725 radius while restoring mana of your allies with Chakra Magic. 

Although with only 2.5 base armor, however, KotL can be an easy target for getting ambushed. Including items such as Glimmer Cape and Force Staff in your kit can help you steer out of danger on the map. Glimmer Cape can cost you 1950 gold and gives you the ability to turn invisible for 5 seconds. It will also increase magic resistance by 50%. You can also cast Glimmer Cape on your allies right after using Chakra Magic, providing a nice escape. 

Force Staff will cost you 2200 gold. Use it on KotL to push yourself away and make some space when needed. It has an active ability that lets you propel yourself up to 600 distance in any direction that you are facing. It has a cooldown of 19 seconds and costs 100 mana. 

If you use Chakra Magic whenever you can to restore mana to your allies, you should be able to complete the Enchanting Enabler Weekly Quest with 3 stars by the end of week 4 with Keeper of the Light.  

Crystal Maiden

Crystal Maiden restores mana to her allies

Crystal Maiden is a classic support who uses her abilities to restore mana to allied heroes.  CM's stats include a base HP of 540 and a base mana pool of 267 and base stats of 16 Intelligence, 16 Agility, and 17 Strength. She gains 3.3 Intelligence per level. Crystal Maiden has a base movement speed of 280 and base armor of 1.7.

Maxing out Arcana Aura early helps CM replenish mana for her allies throughout the game. A passive ability, it pierces spell immunity and grants 1.5 mana regeneration to teammates on the map. Allies in a 1200 radius of Crystal Maiden receive double the mana regeneration and Crystal Maiden gets 4 times the mana regeneration with Arcane Aura. 

Ring of Basilius can increase CM's mana regeneration rate by 1.5. It also increases her allies mana regeneration within 1200 radius of its user. You can upgrade Ring of Basilius to Veil of Discord to amplify the spell damage dealt by Crystal Maiden. If you’re running low on mana for the Crystal Maiden, try building Arcane Boots for a boost to your mana pool. 

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