Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 1

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Dota 2 Battle Pass 2022 – Guide to Completing Weekly Quests for Week 1

Here’s what you’ll need to accomplish the Weekly Quests for Week 1 of the Battle Pass 2022 in Dota 2. 

Battle Pass 2022 has tons of exciting content to keep you entertained. From an all-new arcana for the Faceless Void to a visually spectacular Autumn Seasonal Terrain, the Battle Pass 2022 promises to bring the best out of you in gaming with its new additions. 

You can level up faster through the Battle Pass 2022 by completing Weekly Quests within the game. Earning multiple stars for the Weekly Quests will provide bonus battle points that you can claim. These Weekly Quests are simple to achieve and rewarding to chase. Beginners to Dota 2 can take a look at this guide to help them gain 3 stars on each quest during Week 1 of the Battle Pass 2022.

Press Play – Play 15 Matches

Arc Warden attacks top tower with his team

Press Play is the easiest quest in the Weekly Quests for Week 1 in the Battle Pass 2022. All you need to do to earn these stars is play as many Dota 2 matches as you can. Players need to play at least 2 matches to earn a star for the Press Play quest. 

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose these games to count as a qualified match for Press Play. Arc Warden, Omniknight, and Juggernaut are the heroes with the highest win rates in the last 30 days. You can pick any of these heroes to have a higher chance of winning your matches, although you don’t necessarily have to be victorious in these games to earn a star. 

Once you’ve played 2 games, you can continue matchmaking throughout the week. You’ll need to play 8 matches to earn 2 stars for Press Play quest during Week 1. You can stick to heroes that you are familiar with in these games. It can be disappointing to lose a game with the new and improved gameplay that has been included with the Battle Pass. 

Press Play is a welcome opportunity to try the new consumables that are a part of the perks of purchasing a Battle Pass. Part 1 of the Battle Pass is valid between September 1 – November 2, 2022. You can instantly gain 200 Balloon charges, 200 Bubble charges, 200 Dueling Gloves, and 200 Conga Line charges with the Battle Pass 2022 at level 1. 

You can use the Balloon charges to fill the battlefield with life-sized balloons of couriers. These decorations are purely for decorative purposes. Newcomers to the game shouldn’t expect these couriers to deliver any items from their base. You can also use the Bubble charges to blow bubbles while farming in the lane. It can take your mind off denying creeps and harassing enemies in Dota 2. 

People with the Battle Pass need to play 15 games to earn 3 stars for Press Play. You can choose Agility, Strength, and Intelligence heroes alternatively to help you gain a tactical advantage after every game that you complete. You can play Turbo games to earn half the credit for each game since these matches usually take less than 30 minutes to finish.  

Nobody Needs to Know – Kill 15 Heroes After Leaving Invisibility 

Clinz fights enemies with Skeleton Walk

Becoming invisible can help heroes in many ways in Dota 2. You can earn 3 stars in Week 1 from the Weekly Quests with the Battle Pass 2022 by killing heroes immediately after breaking invisibility. 

Heroes can turn invisible by picking up the Invisibility Rune at the river. The Invisibility Rune can be used to become invisible for 45 seconds. Players affected by the Invisibility Rune can become visible by attacking enemies or by using magical spells and items in the game. You can also use a Bottle to store an Invisibility Rune that can be activated at a later time. 

People can unlock a star for the Nobody Needs to Know quest by killing 3 heroes right after you leave your invisibility. If you can’t get your hands on Invisibility Runes from the river, you can use items such as Glimmer Cape, Shadow Blade, or Silver Edge to complete the quest. 

You need to get at least 8 kills after turning invisible to earn 2 stars for the Nobody Needs to Know quest during Week 1. If you want to earn 3 stars for this quest, you are better off choosing heroes with abilities that allow them to turn invisible at will since you need a total of 15 kills. 

Clinz is an Agility hero who can use Skeleton Walk to turn invisible for 40 seconds. Skeleton Walk grants a whopping 60% increase to the movement speed of Clinz, helping players trail enemies and escape team fights without dying. It has a low mana cost of 80 and a cooldown of 17 seconds. 

If you’re playing Clinz, make sure you max out Searing Arrows. The ability can be toggled on to provide 60 bonus damage to Clinz’s attacks. You can shred enemies using Searing Arrows with Burning Barrage in battle since Searing Arrows does not have a cooldown. 

Nyx Assassin is a smashing choice of a hero who can help players earn 3 stars for Nobody Needs to Know in no time. He has a base movement speed of 310. More importantly, Nyx Assassin can use Vendetta to make himself invisible for 60 seconds. His ultimate ability provides invisibility and bonus movement speed. Breaking Vendetta with a physical attack will deal 600 Pure damage to enemy heroes. 

You can carry a Dagon with you while playing as Nyx Assassin to neutralize enemies right after using Vendetta in the game. Other items that can help Nyx Assassin get instant kills are Daedalus and Bloodthorn. Daedalus costs 5150 gold to make and provides Nyx Assassin 88 attack damage. It has a massive 225% critical damage that has a 30% chance of being triggered while hitting opponents with physical attacks. 

Bloodthorn can be purchased for 6800 gold. The late game item provides 50 attack damage, 60 attack speed, 25% magic resistance, 20 Intelligence, and 5 mana regeneration to its users. Nyx Assassin can use the active ability of Bloodthorn, Soul Rend, to silence enemies for 5 seconds. It will also amplify the damage taken by enemies by 30%. 

Dustbuster – Kill 7 Enemy Heroes Revealed by Dust of Appearance

Dust of Appearance is an invaluable consumable item in Dota 2. You can view invisible units, enemy heroes, Observer Wards, and Sentry Wards in a 1050 radius. The effects of Dust of Appearance can last for up to 12 seconds and deals 25 damage to revealed units. It also slows the movement speed of enemy units and heroes by 20%. 

You need to kill 2 enemy heroes revealed by Dust of Appearance to earn a star for the Dustbuster quest. It will cost you 80 gold to purchase the item. Place Sentry Wards around the map to catch a glimpse of invisible enemy heroes roaming the forest and lanes in the game. You should signal your teammates immediately after spotting enemy heroes who are invisible walking around Sentry Wards on the map. 

Watch out for games that involve enemy heroes with invisibility spells. Bounty Hunter is a stealth hero who can use Shadow Walk to turn invisible for 35 seconds. It has a minor fade time of 0.3 seconds. Shadow Walk has a cooldown of 15 seconds and enables the Bounty Hunter to stay invisible without having to be revealed in between casting the spell.  

Riki is an enemy hero who can help you achieve multiple stars for Dustbuster in Week 1 of the Battle Pass 2022. You’ll need to kill 4 invisible units with Dust of Appearance to get 2 stars for Dustbuster. Killing 7 enemy heroes with Dust of Appearance will give players 3 stars for the Dustbuster Weekly Quest. 

Cloak and Dagger, the ultimate ability of Riki, lets him be invisible throughout the game. His invisibility is only broken when Riki attacks enemies or uses his spells. You should use Dust of Appearance after Riki performs Tricks of the Trade to get maximum visibility of the Stealth Assassin. 

Tank heroes such as Pudge can easily decimate invisible units, including Riki, Bounty Hunter, and Clinz, after using Dust of Appearance. You can level up Meat Hook, Rot, and Dismember to get Killing Sprees in the game. A Meat Hook from Pudge can deal 360 Pure damage to invisible heroes and has a vast cast range of 1300. Pudge gains 120 bonus damage to Meat Hook at level 15 under the Talent Tree. 

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