Dota 2 Ban System Gets an Upgrade: Valve Closes Loophole

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Dota 2 Ban System Gets an Upgrade: Valve Closes Loophole

Valve claims to have closed a short-lived Dota 2 ban system loophole that allowed Overplus users to study player history before matches

Jeff Hill, Valve’s Dota 2 developer, announced an update to the Dota 2 ban system that prevents third-party applications, like Overplus, from analyzing player history before matches. This change streamlines matchmaking by locking in your bans before entering a lobby. That means, players must adjust their bans in-between sessions. Jeff responded to a post on Reddit to confirm the development.

Dota 2 Ban System Gets an Upgrade: Valve Closes Loophole

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Valve Updates Dota 2 Ban System Following Overpass’s Bypass Reveal

Earlier, the developers of the Dota 2 cheat, Overplus, claimed that their software can still exploit the new hero ban system. They said it could automatically adjust bans before each match. Valve’s latest intervention, however, means that this loophole is now no longer available.

“It took us exactly 20 minutes to make changes to the ban stage logic,” Overplus developers told Escorenews. “Everything works as before. How? The game allows you to see the players during the match search. This means that finding their matches is not difficult, since Valve does not hide matches, and this is how all Dotabuff or Stratz work. As soon as a match is found, and if you check the required box, Overplus will pick the four best heroes for this game.”

Valve's latest update (patch 7.35d) has overhauled the Dota 2 hero ban system. Instead of pre-draft bans, players now create a list of four unwanted heroes before matchmaking. At least one from this list is guaranteed to be banned in the upcoming game. This shift aims to combat unfair advantages gained through software like Overplus.

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Valve took a strong stance against cheating in Dota 2 with a recent wave of VAC bans. Players who utilized software granting an unfair advantage were permanently removed from the game.

Dota 2 Ban System Gets an Upgrade: Valve Closes Loophole
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