Dota 2 2024 Wishlist – What We Expect to See

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Dota 2 2024 Wishlist – What We Expect to See

This is our Dota 2 2023 wishlist and the things we expect to see from our favorite game. Hopefully, some of them are added.

Following the Dota 2 action in 2023, fans are slowly preparing for the next year, and by the looks of it, it will be very interesting. After covering some of the upsets of 2023, it is time for our Dota 2 2024 wishlist. In it, we will discuss all of the things we wish to see in 2024 regarding our favorite game.

Before we start, don’t forget to read more information about some of the retired players we wish to see in 2024. Considering the most recent roster changes, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of those names become active again.

Tournaments with a higher prize pool

Valve’s decision regarding the DPC was shocking, to say the least. No one from the Dota 2 community expected it, and a lot of people got worried that this could be the end of Dota 2 as we know it. While it is true that this will definitely affect the Tier 2 Dota 2 scene, we think that these changes are for the better and expect to see tournaments with much larger prize pools.

One event that everyone will be interested in is the Riyadh Masters 2024. This year’s version of the tournament featured the largest prize pool of the year, but it seems like the 2024 version can be a lot more impressive. In fact, there were rumors that Saudi Arabia wanted the event to have a 40M+ reward, but Valve did not agree because of the big difference between it and TI. However, considering that there is no DPC, we may not have such a restriction in 2024. We are yet to see if this Dota 2 2024 wishlist addition will be considered by Valve.

A new Arcana

No one can deny that cosmetic items have a key role in Dota 2 and are one of the big reasons this game is so popular. Some players have invested considerable amounts of money over the years, but some items are more popular than others. Arcanas are definitely the best example because they are some of the most unique and sought-after items in the game.

An Arcana is an item that transforms the hero from the ground up and adds new animations, effects, and more. Sadly, it’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Arcana to the game and only a few characters have it. 

The 2023 TI Compendium did not include the usual Arcana vote that we had a couple of years ago, which means that we did not get this item this year. Hopefully, this will change following our Dota 2 2024 wishlist., and we will finally get an Arcana for some of the more popular heroes. Of course, we’re yet to see if this will happen.

More frequent Update

Dota 2 2024 Wishlist - What We Expect to See

Several years ago, Valve took a new approach to updates and provided us with regular but smaller updates instead of one big patch for the entire year. This worked fine in the last 2 years, but 2023 was not that good because the updates were not that frequent and were not that big. Sure, the meta changed a bit, but it was not until the Dota 2 Patch 7.35 that we saw a completely new meta.

If Valve decides to release frequent updates that change more things than before, we can expect the game to become a lot more interesting. Right now, many players are complaining that Dota 2 is just not that fun because they have to play on the same patch repeatedly. That’s why one of the things on our Dota 2 2024 Wishlist is to see more updates.

More events

One thing that we want to add to this Dota 2 2024 Wishlist is related to more events. Valve used to offer us tons of events before, and they were fun because players could get unique cosmetic items and have fun with friends. Unfortunately, the situation has changed because the company is not providing us with such things anymore.

Frostivus 2023 is fun, there is no arguing that, but it is among the few new events we had in 2023. If we look at other popular titles, such as Overwatch 2, we can see that Blizzard collaborates all the time and provides players with temporary events. We don’t see a reason why Valve can’t do the same, especially when you consider that Dota 2 is very popular.

Speaking of collabs, a lot of players have been asking for an event where Dota 2 meets CS2. There are a lot of options that Valve can come up with and we hope that 2024 will be when we will see such things.

A Battle Pass for TI 2024

The last thing we need to discuss is probably one of the most important things because it relates to the Battle Pass. As mentioned, 2023 was not the best when it comes down to rewards for players and professional players. The Compendium did not feature any cosmetic items worth getting, so most of the Dota 2 community decided not to get it. No one expected this, considering Valve always put a lot of effort into its Battle Passes.

Following what happened, we expect the Battle Pass for TI 2024 to change and feature a lot of new options. One of the alternatives we have on our Dota 2 2024 wishlist is at least a few Immortal Chests, followed by an Arcana, special events, exclusive emotes, and all other unique things present many years ago. We believe Valve has learned its lesson, so expect the 2024 Battle Pass to be amazing.

Dota 2 2024 Wishlist – What We Expect to See
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