Dota 2 2023 Wish List — What We’re Expecting

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Dota 2 2023 Wish List — What We’re Expecting

With the next DPC season on the way, we've got a run down of what we expect on our Dota 2 wish list for 2023.

2023 is upon us, and with it, Dota 2 fans will have the chance to watch the new DPC. We’ve already covered some of the crucial things we have to know about it, but we will make sure to provide you with more information in the future.

2022 was interesting for players and fans because we saw tons of updates, top-tier events, and controversies. Like any other year, the end of The International 11 marked the beginning of the massive roster changes. Now that the dust has settled, we already know the names of most teams and players for the upcoming DPC,  and it is safe to say it will be fun to watch.

There are many other things that users are eager to see, so let’s learn more about them and see what we can expect.

We expect Old G to live up to people’s expectations

As you know, the two-time TI-winning organization made drastic roster changes following TI 10. As a result, the team acquired 5 new players, most of whom had no experience in the professional scene. Judging by what OG achieved in 2022, this was the right decision because the WEU squad won 2 big events.

However, it seems like some of the players who were a part of the organization before were eager to play. This led to the arrival of a team called Old G, a squad that consists of 5 well-known players. 

Most fans expected this to be the complete OG roster before the changes, but this was not the case. N0tail, Ceb, and Topson are a part of it, but instead of ana and jerAx, the team will consist of No[o]ne and MSS. Needless to say, Old G seems really strong on paper, which is why we expect them to be one of the best teams in the DPC.

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Considering the latest rules, an organization can have more than 1 roster in the DPC, which was one of the reasons why N0tail decided it was time to come out of retirement. His new project can be a massive success or a big failure, and the players will stop working together after a couple of months. We are yet to see what will happen.

Nerfs to some heroes

Despite the fact that the Dota 2 patch 7.32d became available just a few weeks ago, most people are eager to see the next big update. As expected, this patch didn’t change much because it only included minor hero and item changes. This had an effect on the meta, but not in the way that most people thought.

With that said, the new big update should become available in early 2023, and we expect to see a lot of nerfs to some of the most popular heroes. One of them is Naga Siren, a carry that played a vital role at TI 11, but it seems like this wasn’t enough to receive substantial nerf.

Since Leshrac was one of the hot midders, Naga wasn’t able to show everything she was capable of. However, now that this hero is nerfed, Naga is one of the best options in the game. She farms fast, deals tons of damage, and can easily outcarry even the likes of Medusa.

Razor is another hot meta hero right now that people use and go for the popular Bloodstone item build. Despite receiving nerfs, this item build continues to be one of the most successful ones in pub games, which explains why Razor is among the best.

The arrival of new Dota 2 superstars

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, the end of The International 11 allowed us to see loads of interesting roster changes. Some teams didn’t do much, whereas other organizations decided to drop their roster and pick up 5 new players.

Some of the new additions to the squad are well-known in the professional Dota 2 scene because they’ve been around for a while. However, others are new, so we wouldn’t be surprised if some of them turned out to be hidden gems.

OG paved the way when it comes down to adding inexperienced players, and names like ATF and Bzm have quickly risen to the top. We can expect a couple of interesting names to show their prowess, such as Guo “shiro” Xuanang. The Chinese carry player was a part of EHOME, but he will be playing for PSG.LGD in the 2022/2023 DPC.

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Muerta will be overpowered, at least early on

Besides watching the best teams in the world compete for millions of dollars, The International 11 also gave us access to essential information. Valve released a teaser about Dota 2’s latest hero, Muerta. 

The 47-second clip revealed some characteristics about the hero, such as the fact that she will most likely have a standard and an “ethereal” form. Of course, this is just speculation because we do not have any accurate information yet.

Even though the newest Dota 2 hero is not available yet, we expect her to be overpowered when she gets added to the game. If we look at some of the other new heroes in the last couple of years, all of them were insanely powerful. Starting with Monkey King, who continues to be a nightmare to deal with even today, we also have to mention Marci and Primal Beast.

We can’t be certain that Muerta will be too strong, but judging from what has happened before, this will likely be the case. That’s why it will probably be a good idea to use this hero in PUBs immediately.

An even more powerful South American region

South America has always been the most underrated region in Dota 2 and it was for a reason. Neither of the top-tier teams had what it takes to defeat the best in Europe, NA, and Asia. However, this is no longer the case, especially after the TI 11 events.

Beastcoast and Thunder Awaken have proven that they have the needed firepower to defeat the best in the world. What’s even more impressive is that EG, one of the household names in North America, decided to drop its entire roster and create a new team that consists of ex-BC and TA players.

The fact that one of Dota 2’s biggest organizations moved to South America is a clear sign that this region has a bright future ahead of it. Even though it only has 2 slots for this DPC’s Majors, we wouldn’t be surprised if this changes in the future.

Dota 2 2023 Wish List — What We’re Expecting
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