Dota 2: 2022-2023 DPC Overview – Here’s What We Know

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Dota 2: 2022-2023 DPC Overview – Here’s What We Know

Everything we know about the 2022-2023 DPC.

The end of the International 11 meant that the 2021-2022 DPC was officially over. This was also the start of the big post-TI roster changes that affected a lot of teams. We’ve covered almost every important change, so make sure to check our previous articles for more information.

Now that the Open Qualifiers for some regions have begun, it is time to learn more information about the 2022-2023 DPC. There will be a couple of significant changes you should be aware of, so let’s learn everything about it.


According to the official information, the format for the 2023 Dota 2 reason will be pretty much the same as last year. However, instead of lasting for xi weeks, each division will be only 3 weeks long. On top of that, each division will have a separate schedule and will take place one after another. The idea behind this change is to put more emphasis on each one because Division II did not have nearly as many fans as the first one.

We’ve briefly mentioned the roster changes, but it is important to know that teams have already locked their rosters for the new DPC. According to the information, the initial roster lock for the 2023 season was on December 9. However, there will be changes in the future when it comes down to removing players.

Speaking of the devil, the team that removes players from their roster will receive a 20% DPC points penalty for everything earned so far. If a given team has qualified for the Major and makes a roster change, it will receive a 20% penalty on the DPC points it will earn from the competition.

Teams who want to use substitutes can do that for a maximum of 4 out of 7 matches that will take palace in the Regional League. One of the interesting changes is related to forfeiting games. According to the rules, a team that forfeits 2 or more games in a given season will be removed from the competition. Furthermore, every other team that played against it will receive a win even if it lost.

Once Tour 3 comes to an end, the teams with the most DPC points will receive an invitation for TI. The six remaining slots will be split between the teams that go through the regional qualifiers. 

Format & Organizers of the Regional League

The Dota 2 2022-2023 DPC will have Open and Closed Qualifiers. The open quals will have 3 tours (Winter, Spring & Summer), and the same applies to the Closed Oned.  Once those things are over, playerscan accesso the Regional League.

What’s interesting about the Regional League is that there will be 6 regions. – North America, Western Europe, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and China. Each of these regions will have Division I and Division II, consisting of 8 teams. In other words, the total number of teams across all regions is 96.

Of course, each Dota 2 Regional League will have its own organizer. Here are the names of the companies responsible for the event:

  • WEU – PGL
  • South America – ESB
  • North America – PGL
  • SEA – Epulze
  • China – Perfect World
  • EEU – Paragon Events

The Regional Leagues will hill have a prize pool of $280,000, which is split between Division I and Division II. Unsurprisingly, the teams in Division I will earn around $205.000 of that amount, which is almost 3x more than those in Division I. 

What’s interesting is that the first Regional League won’t provide you with as many points as the ones that will take place later on. In other words, teams that fail to shine in the beginning can get enough DPC points if they perform well later.

Division I and II Specifics & Majors

Similar to the Dota DPC in 2021-2022, the best 4 teams from Division I will receive a slot for the Major. Those that finish 5th and 6th will remain in the same division, whereas the bottom two will head to Division II.

Speaking of the devil, the best two teams in Division II will be promoted to the first one, whereas the 3-6th will remain in Div II. Sadly, the last two teams there will be eliminated from the division.

When it comes down to the Dota 2 majors, you should be aware of a few interesting things. The Dota 2 2022-2023 DPC will allocate more slots for some regions than others:

  • WEU gets 4 slots
  • EEU gets 3 slots
  • SEA gets 3 slots
  • China gets 4 slots
  • North America gets 2 slots
  • South America gets 2 slots

Each Major that will be a part of the new DPC will have a $500K prize pool. Similar to the Tours themselves, the last couple of Majors will grant more DPC points than the first ones. In terms of the prizes, the team that wins will get $200K.

Each Major will start with two groups of 9 teams each, where they play in a Bo2 single-round robin. Those that finish in the top 4 will receive an Upper Bracket slot, whereas the 5th and 6th advance to the Lower Bracket. The remaining teams will be eliminated.

The Playoffs will have 12 teams that will play in a double-elimination bracket where all matches are Bo3. However, the Grand Final of the Dota 2 2022-2023 DPC Majors will be in Bo5.

By the looks of it, the new Dota 2 DPC will be incredibly fun to watch. We expect to see tons of surprises from some regions, especially Western Europe. The top-tier teams here have gone through several changes, and all of them look really good on paper. However, we are yet to see what will happen.

South America and North America will also be incredibly fun because they only have 2 slots for each Major. Needless to say, there are a couple of big teams that we will keep an eye on. 

Make sure you follow ESTNN for more information about the latest news in Dota 2. Expect even more details about the DPC in the upcoming days.

Dota 2: 2022-2023 DPC Overview – Here’s What We Know
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