Do Starfield Multiplayer Mods Exist?

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Do Starfield Multiplayer Mods Exist?

Playing an epic-scale space adventure is better with friends. Will Starfield multiplayer mods be the solution?

Starfield's triumphant single-player experience has been lauded by many as a game to be played for years to come. It's sharp, futuristic aesthetic as well as its massive amount of content work well to create one of the best space sims out there. Along with the game's success, Bethesda's newest sandbox also offers a ton of new content in its gargantuan star map, including larger-than-life missions that challenge your moral compass.

Unfortunately, Bethesda's shiny new title is without an official co-op mode, making everyone ask the question “is there a mod for that yet?” And the answer is just as what one might expect.

As of yet, no multiplayer mods exist for Starfield. Looking at the bright side, this means we'll be able to focus soley on Starfield's single-player tailored experience. And while the wait will probably take years, we might be getting updates sooner than expected.

Will We Get Starfield Multiplayer Mods in the Future?

It isn't a stretch to say that Bethesda's huge modding community has probably rallied together to start creating mods to support multiplayer. However, setting up a stable instance with a lot of people won't be easy, to say the least. Starfield's expansive universe is Bethesda's most ambitious undertaking yet, making the starfield multiplayer mods endeavor doubly difficult when you consider the game's sheer size alone.

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Starfield Multiplayer Mods
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Be if time has proven anything, it's that modders are always up for a challenge. It might have taken them years, but these revered experts eventually made consistent co-op mods for AAA titles like Skyrim.

Fortunately, even the face of Bethesda himself is pushing for extreme mods. In a July interview with Kinda Funny Games, Game Director Tom Howard expressed his support for the modding scene. “It’s part of our DNA here”, Howard said.  “..we’ve usually been classically single-player. That’s been our community, and people are still modding our games and playing them.”

Want to make your own footprint in the final frontier? Starfield lets you build your own outposts when you visit large, untamed planets in the game. You'll also find many tech trees that will let you optimize your structures and create easier ways to transfer important cargo.

The possibility exists that the studio behind Starfield may include multiplayer support in a future patch but this is highly unlikely, seeing as Bethesda has consistently focused on solo adventures for their flagship games over the years. For now, we'll have to let the modders cook before we'll be able to try the first Starfield multiplayer mods for ourselves.

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Starfield Multiplayer Mods Might Take a While

Not having any avenues for multiplayer can be a letdown, especially for folks eager to share their playthrough in Starfield's vibrant star-systems. Our fingers are crossed for the coming of multiplayer mods, even if it take a bit of time to materialize.

The eventual addition of multiplayer mods for Starfield would no doubt enhance the gameplay in never before-seen ways and would foster a sense of camaraderie while in-game, rivalling legends like Rockstar's GTA Online or Star Wars Squadrons. Just imagine the dogfights you'll be able to pull off. It can't come soon enough!

Until then, players will have tons of missions to keep them occupied while we all wait for Starfield multiplayer mods to become a reality.

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