Starfield: How to Create a Cargo Link

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Starfield: How to Create a Cargo Link

Finish building your outposts faster with Starfield's Cargo Link system. Here's how you can connect your resources across systems with Cargo Links.

Cargo Links let you move large amounts of resources from one planet to another. Like the name implies, the system simply lets you move things where they need to go, letting you build your outposts quickly and more efficiently.

If you're looking forward to Starfield's base-building aspect, this is simply a must-have, and it definitely helps when you want to earn some quick cash by simply transporting materials to specific locations.

With all of that said, here's how you can set up your own Cargo Link in Starfield.

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How to Create a Cargo Link in Starfield

Before you're able to set up your cargo links, you'll first need to unlock “Manufacturing I” in your tech tree. Doing so will let you build the Simple Fabricator, Small Warehouse and Cargo Links – Inter-system.

You will find Cargo Links in your build menu under ‘Miscellaneous'. To build a cargo link, you'll need these materials:

Each of these materials can be harvested from the planet you land on, as long as the planet is habitable. But while collecting materials in Starfield's expansive sandbox is fairly straightforward, it can be rare to find modules filled with valuable metals like iron and copper sitting next to each other.

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But worry not, for most of the resources you'll need to build your settlement can be bought from merchants across the galaxy. Develop your very own space stations across the galaxy to establish your presence as an explorer.

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Cargo Links look like plain landing pads outfitted with two separate storage containers; a green one for incoming materials and a red one for outgoing. Use the command console to establish connections between outposts, and just hit E to confirm.

Besides the obvious advantages, cargo links also let you cut mission times by half. Give yourself an advantage during supply quests by using already-built supply lines on the frontier.

Cargo ships will occasionally touch base to carry your materials to/from other designated outposts. To change where your stuff gets transferred, revisit the command console to reorganize your cargo links.

It also helps that you only need to access one console to switch points between numerous ports. However, there's one thing you need to be mindful of.

Incoming cargo, while having the upside of being able to store a variety of different materials, can be set to active. In other words, your main storage materials can get scattered to different locations in different systems if you leave it open.

Needless to say, this can cause headaches down the line, so always double-check the connecting supply lines before exiting your command console, Starman.

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Bethesda has given players tons of ways to play Starfield's factory side by introducing a myriad of techtrees and build options that enhance the base-building experience.

Aside from the typical harvester constructs and sci-fi turrets, the most industrious players can opt to maximize their Science skill, more specifically “Planetary Habitation”.

Doing so gives players the ability to build more than 40 outposts across the systems, letting you colonize the stars.

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Starfield: How to Create a Cargo Link
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