Disguised Acquires nerve as Its Fifth Player for Split 2

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Disguised Acquires nerve as Its Fifth Player for Split 2

Former Soniqs player Michael “nerve” Yerrow will replace the role of Damion “XXiF” Cook in Split 2

Disguised has announced the addition of ex-Soniqs player nerve to the team for VCL NA Split 2. In the hilarious Twitter announcement, DSG mentioned nerve getting rejected after trying out for Cloud9. Adding, “which made him the perfect choice for our strategy of picking up players C9 didn't want.” – making fun of the fact that they acquired former Cloud9 superstar Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker.

The recent departure of XXiF from Disguised emptied spots for Initiator and Sentinel roles for the team. Picking up these roles for DSG, nerve will need to bring a decent performance to fill the shoes of XXiF. The North American professional player recently took part in several C-tier tournaments and won the Mystic Singularity Series #4 last month for 99 Strength.

Going into Split 2, Disguise has made some big changes to the roster with the acquisition of yay and the replacement of XXiF. Now, the question is whether the recently acquired name can bring heat to the upcoming VCL NA stage.