Disguised Parts Ways with XXiF

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Disguised Parts Ways with XXiF

The flex player for Disguised may have emptied a spot for a new addition to the team

Disguised's Valorant Team

Credit: Disguised via Twitter

Disguised have announced their departure from Damion “XXiF” Cook. The Canadian played Intitator and Sentinel roles for DSG throughout Split 1 and Mid-Season Face Off of VCL. 

XXiF started his Valorant career playing for former Knights. After Knights disbanded, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang acquired the team under the name Disguised, and XXiF continued his roles. On Split 1 of VCL, he was one of the best players on the roster. While Mid-Season Face Off wasn’t the Canadian’s best show, he carried his weight and provided consistently decent performance. 

Disguised has been implementing massive roster changes recently, and this news follows the signing of Jaccob “yay” Whiteaker. However, the empty roles left by XXiF beg the question of who DSG will sign next. 

Disguised Parts Ways with XXiF
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