Diablo IV Beta Info Breakdown

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Diablo IV Beta Info Breakdown

Nearly four years after its announcement at BlizzCon 2019, Diablo IV is coming. And the Beta is just about here.

Diablo II: Resurrected, and the ladder grind has done a pretty good job of keeping Diablo fans busy these past two years. But let's face it; nothing beats a new Diablo experience. 

Luckily for Diablo fans, we won't have to wait much longer before we can experience Diablo IV for the first time. The free Open Beta begins March 24 and lasts through March 26. It will be available on all platforms.

For those who pre-purchase Diablo IV, you gain access to the Early Access beta period starting March 17 and lasting through March 19. 

Explore the First Zone and Experience Act 1 of Story

The Diablo IV Beta period will give players access to the game's first zone, Fractured Peaks. You'll be able to experience the prologue and Act I of the story and face off with the world boss, Ashava. 

Reaching the town of Kyovashad within Fractured Peaks will reward players with the Initial Casualty title.

Level 25 Level Cap & Leveled Rewards

Diablo IV will have a max level cap of 100, and players can reach a maximum of level 25 during the Beta period. Try to get at least one character to level 20. If you do, you'll unlock the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic pack and the Early Voyager title. 

Players can engage in couch co-op with another player or online four-player co-op. Taking on demons is always better with friends, and players earn 5% extra XP while demon-slaying near any player. That XP bonus goes up to 10% if near a player in your party. Gather the lads. 

Five Classes to Choose From

Diablo IV's Early Access Beta has three classes to choose from.
Image Source: Diablo Twitter

Those with access to the Early Access Beta will have three classes: the Rogue, Sorcerer, and Barbarian. Once the Open Beta goes live, two more will be available: the Necro and the Druid. 

The Open Beta for Diablo IV will include two additional classes: Necro and the Druid.
Image Source: Diablo Twitter

You can make a maximum of 10 characters per battle.net account. Progress will transfer from Early Access to Open Beta weekend periods, but your characters made during the weekend will all get the Thanos snap treatment once the Beta period ends.

As we get closer to the launch of the Early Access Beta, Diablo IV will be available for pre-download. Catch the last Diablo IV developer update livestream VOD here for more info on Diablo IV. 

Joe Shely and Rod Fergusson will be hosting a live Q&A session on Twitter on March 6, starting at 3 PM PT. Stay tuned for more info on Diablo IV!

Diablo IV Beta Info Breakdown
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