Diablo 4 Next Seasons Could Be Played With the Same Character

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Diablo 4 Next Seasons Could Be Played With the Same Character

As a bolt from the blue comes the news that Blizzard could implement the possibility of using the same character in Diablo 4 next seasons, making use of a system very similar to that used for the third chapter of the series. Even if the idea then becomes reality, it should be noted that it has already been announced that there would be limitations in this regard that would reset both the equipment and the level.

Diablo 4 might implement a similar “Rebirth” mechanism to Diablo 3

This rumor comes directly from the community manager Adam Fletcher who, in response to a Twitter user who asked about the possibility of adding a similar feature to Diablo 3 Rebirth, said that the development team is taking into consideration the various requests of the fans regarding this topic, suggesting that there is the possibility that this game mechanic will be implemented with a future update.

For those who don't know, currently, in order to take part in the recently announced Season 1 of Diablo 4, it will be necessary to create a new character from scratch, since it is not allowed to import an already existing one. Obviously, this is not a new mechanic given its presence in previous chapters or in games of the same genre, but it is certainly a choice that has not left a part of the players very happy, especially those who have approached the Diablo series for the first time with the launch of its fourth chapter.

If Blizzard intends to implement a system similar to Diablo 3's Rebirth, players will be able to import a new character, although they will be forced to start at level 1 and it will not be possible to transfer all the equipment obtained previously. In the end, it is almost equivalent to having to create a character from the beginning, if not for the aesthetic factor of the same.

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Diablo 4 Next Seasons Could Be Played With the Same Character
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