Diablo 4 New Patch 1.03 Details

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Diablo 4 New Patch 1.03 Details

Blizzard Entertainment has released a new patch for Diablo 4, patch 1.03 to be exact, which includes several improvements to the gameplay. Furthermore, the developers have made it known that the game mechanics have also been improved in order to increase the XP farm in the endgame. These are just two of the most important fixes promised by the software house, below we will talk in more detail about everything that this new patch contains.

Diablo 4 new patch solves some XP farm and gameplay issues

Blizzard had promised several improvements with the release of this new patch and so it was. Many of the issues that were causing problems for players have been fixed, such as rogues becoming invisible indefinitely in PvP-focused areas of the Field of Hatred, and corpses disappearing when using Corpse Tendrils as a Necromancer. But the most important changes that will please players the most can be found in a section called “Experience Rewards”, where you can find numerous improvements to grind XP in the endgame.

A major problem with the endgame is that the Nightmare Dungeons, which should be one of the main activities for players to tackle, were actually less efficient for leveling than certain standard dungeons. One reason is that many Nightmare Dungeons are simply too far from fast travel points for players to want to go there, while a second, even more, critical reason is that Nightmare Dungeons simply didn't give enough XP to make players want to go there. players decide to take this path.

Fortunately, both of these Nightmare Dungeons-related issues are now being resolved, as players will now be able to teleport directly into these dungeons, which have been tuned to offer significantly more XP than the standard ones, thus giving an appropriate reward for those who decide to face these more complex challenges. The amount of additional XP awarded while opening Helltide chests has also been “significantly increased,” as has the amount awarded for completing Whisper bounties.

All these changes that the development team has come up with should greatly improve a long finish grind that has frustrated some players with its slowness, especially when tackling the tasks that needed to be tackled wasn't the most efficient way to level up.

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Diablo 4 New Patch 1.03 Details
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