Diablo 4 KFC Promotion is Live in North America

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Diablo 4 KFC Promotion is Live in North America

That's right, teach hell a lesson with the latest capitalist masterpiece, a Diablo 4 KFC promotion. So get those finger-licking chicken fingers ready, and get some skins in Diablo 4.

We're not sure what one of the seven deadly sins causes a Diablo 4 KFC promotion to be brought forth to our world, but here we are. If you live in North America, and fancy some KFC food, then you can snag yourself some skins in Diablo 4. The event went live on the 29th of May, with folks over in the USA able to get involved in the promotion. For those not in the USA… well, people have figured out a solution for that, you just have to send $10 to someone in the USA to order some food for you—a very normal idea.

Diablo 4 KFC promotion – how to claim

KFC put out a small bit of information on their website (currently down) to explain some of the legal jargon about the promotion.

“KFC account and Battle.net account creation are required. Must purchase a sandwich between 5/29 and 7/2 through a KFC account on kfc.com or the KFC app – NOT in-restaurant. Battle.net sync required to unlock rewards – available starting 5/30. Diablo IV is sold separately. One reward per purchase. Maximum of 5 rewards per account. Only U.S. orders are eligible. Must be 18 or older. Cancelled order not eligible. Digital ordering is available at participating locations. While supplies last. Diablo and Battle.net are registered trademarks of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. in the U.S. and other countries. See KFC.com/Diablo for more information.”

So, there you go. Go out and eat chicken in the name of Diablo and get some lovely skins in the process. Again, this promotion is only available to residence in the US, and isn't available (by normal means) to anyone outside of the region.

Diablo 4 KFC Promotion is Live in North America
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