Diablo 4 Inventory is Being Upgraded “As Quick As We Can”, Says Blizzard

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Diablo 4 Inventory is Being Upgraded “As Quick As We Can”, Says Blizzard

As has been loudly requested by the community, Blizzard is working to make changes to the Diablo 4 inventory, in order to optimize its management. The announcement came during a video discussion posted on YouTube by the development team itself, in which several things regarding the game were mentioned, also thanks to everything that was announced during the event dedicated to the release of Diablo 4 Season 1.

Diablo 4 inventory will be changed soon

In recent weeks, the issue of gems in Diablo 4 had been raised, which should have had modifications and which would no longer be stored in the inventory, but in the material or currency slot. At the moment, however, this change has not yet been implemented and the development team justified itself by explaining that this change related to gems is only the first of many changes that will be made to the game's inventory. For this reason, the release has been delayed, but Blizzard has promised to be working “as quickly as we can” to make this change effective as soon as possible.

In this regard, the associate game director Joe Piepiora intervened answering a question posed to him by a fan who complained about the lack of space in the inventory in this way “I will say right away that we have certainly all heard. We are talking a lot about what we have to do, we have some very good plans to improve the situation. I know it's frustrating to hear me say this, but the reality is that we are moving very, very fast on this and we are looking to provide more space in the future, we are figuring out how to make it happen.”

The director Rod Fergusson then joined this discussion and added that “An error that some make is the idea that development time is only that necessary to implement elements, but that is not the case: it is also that necessary to testing and to make sure everything is robust and stable. We have some heroic engineers who can turn things around very quickly, but we also have heroic QA teams all over the world.”

The word then passed back to Joe Piepora who concluded by saying that “There are many different ways to reduce the inventory space problem: the gems one is an example of what we are trying to do to start mitigating this problem. We are trying to move very fast on many of these things. Some of them are much more challenging than others. But we are moving very quickly on all the changes we can because we are trying very hard to make the best version of Diablo 4 possible in the shortest possible time to deliver it to the players”.