CSGO: The Guns You Should Use in Specific Situations

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CSGO: The Guns You Should Use in Specific Situations

Specific situations in CSGO call for specific guns. We go over which ones you should use, and when you should use them.

Everyone knows which are the best CSGO guns, which explains why people often focus on them. Speaking of guns, we’ve recently covered some of the worst CSGO weapons that players avoid, so if you do not have any experience with the game, check whether something you’ve chosen is not on the list.

To be fair, every gun in CSGO could work, but only in specific situations. However, some people don’t think about those things, so they make wrong decisions and buy guns they don’t really need. Luckily, this article about CSGO will reveal all of the things you must be aware of regarding choosing the best gun for a specific situation.

For better or worse, CSGO requires a lot of time and effort to be good at, so let’s learn more about the things you should know related to guns.

P250 – Use it when you know your enemy has armor

Even though the P250 is probably not the most popular pistol in CSGO, there is no arguing that it can work in many situations. One of the things that make this pistol better than the rest is its armor penetration. Unlike the Glock or USP, you can kill armored targets. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why some people get this when they’re on an eco.

Starting at $300, this pistol is cheap, and it is safe to say that it is more reliable than the standard ones. However, when you’re playing in a competitive match, it is probably not a good idea to get it all the time. After all, there are cases where you will need to have a lot of nades.


Even though this pistol is slightly more expensive than the other one, Five-SeveN can be really strong in many situations. In fact, most people on the CT side use it when they are confident in their ability to hand headshots. Even though this gun won’t allow you to kill a target with a single shot to the head, you can kill it with 2.

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Speaking of 2 shots, this pistol’s recoil allows your first 2 shots to be a lot more accurate than the rest. So, if you are a fan of the tap-fire shooting style, this is definitely an option you can put to the test.

However, this pistol is not as accurate as the TEC-9, especially if you’re moving. Regardless of what you go for, the idea behind these pistols is to land a relatively fast kill and get the specific player’s weapon. 


Even though this is probably not the go-to option for many CSGO players, this gun has some advantages. The fact that it costs $1700 makes it much more affordable than an AK-47 or an M4A4. Even though it is nowhere near as effective as those guns, it has pretty good damage output, as long as you don’t spray like crazy.

Another thing that the UMP is famous for is its impressive armor pen. The gun might not seem that deadly, but it can kill a target pretty fast if you’re close to it. Sadly, this is where the benefits end because UMP-47 has one of the worst damage falloffs in the game. As a result, killing a target that is not close to you is easier said than done.


There is no arguing that this is the best CSGO SMG in the game. In fact, many people consider the P90 to be in a league of its own because this weapon is way better than the other options in the same category.

Truth be told, this is not the most impressive weapon in the game because it is pretty expensive for what it is. Sure, you can annihilate enemies that are close to you, but this is where the positives end. P90 provides a low kill reward, and the gun is pretty much useless in longer-range fights. 

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What’s even more annoying is that it is a lot more expensive than other SMGs. Starting at $2350, it costs almost as much as an AK-47, so unless you are confident that you will rush and get kills, it is probably better to focus on something else.

Nova shotgun

To be fair, most CSGO players never use anything from the “Heavy” tab because they don’t think it is worth it. Although this is usually true, there are some scenarios where certain guns can be excellent.

For example, Nova is one of the go-to shotguns in the game and one of the best tools you can use in an eco around or when you’re playing against enemies who are eco. It costs just $1050, but if you land a kill, you will get a whopping $900. In other words, this is a great “farming” weapon that will allow you to accumulate a lot of money.

Another advantage of using this Shotgun is that it can deal damage from a distance, which is not typical for this weapon class. However, the gun is most effective when used at a close range, so keep that in mind.

The bad news about this gun is its exceptionally slow fire speed. Usually, people who don’t get a one-shot kill will die if their opponents start shooting.

M4A4, AK-47 & M4A1-S

Of course, we have to conclude this CSGO article by addressing the three big guns that people go for. The M4A4, M4A1-S, and AK-47 are the most popular guns in Counter-Strike:GO. Their damage output, close/mid/long range capabilities, and cost make them the go-to option for all players.

People who were fans of CS 1.6 and the other versions of the game almost always used these weapons. Fortunately, CSGO didn’t change them a lot, which means they continue to be the best in nearly all situations. The only bad news is that they are slightly more expensive, so players must be careful whether they can afford them.

CSGO: The Guns You Should Use in Specific Situations
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