CSGO: 5 Guns You Should Avoid Using Unless it’s Absolutely Necessary

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CSGO: 5 Guns You Should Avoid Using Unless it’s Absolutely Necessary

When it comes to weapons in CS:GO, these 5 guns are best avoided unless it's absolutely necessary.

As one of the world’s leading shooters and esports titles, CSGO has millions of fans from all over the globe. Many of them play regularly because they want to get better, and some of them even watch the best in the world. Since the top-tier players only use a couple of CSGO weapons, casual game fans also focus on them.

There is no arguing that things such as the AK-47, AWP, and M4A4 are trendy because of how efficient they are. As a result, you should definitely focus on them and try to get better with each one. 

For better or worse, there are many other CSGO weapons to choose from, some of which are not as attractive as you might think. Although every gun in the game might work in a specific situation, you should avoid some options to achieve the best results. With that said, let’s go through a few alternatives that are not worth it.


If you are a fan of the SMGs in CSGO, you are most likely interested in PP-Bizono. This gun has a pretty cool design and is definitely cool to look at. Sadly, this is where the positives end because this is one of the worst weapons in the game.

Besides the fact that this CSGO gun does not do as much damage, it also has really low armor penetration. Consequently, need to land a lot of shots before you can kill a target that has armor and a helmet. On top of that, the PP-Bizon has one of the worst damage falloffs in CSGO.

In addition to the design, the only thing positive about the gun is its huge magazine. However, this is not enough to make it a popular option, especially for players who want to reach their desired rank.


Even though CSGO is one of the most popular shooters in the game, some of the guns you can find in it are also available in many other games. The MP-7 is one of them, but this doesn’t mean it is worth it.

Although it is not as expensive as some of the more popular options in CSGO, this gun is not that cheap either. In fact, many people prefer spending a little bit more to get something that will do more damage and allow them to score kills easier.

Duel Barettas

Old-school CS players probably remember the days when the Duel Barettas were really strong. Although some people use them a lot, this is one of the worst options in CSGO when it comes down to pistols. Sure, they may land a couple of lucky headshots, but that’s pretty much it.

Another important thing that people should know about these pistols is their huge damage falloff. Like some other options, such as the Glock, you can’t kill someone with the pistol unless he is deficient on HP. 

Speaking of damage, Duel Berettas do not have the needed armor penetration to make them effective. You will need multiple shots to land a kill, which is not worth it. It is way better to get a different pistol, such as a Deagle, and have the option to one-shot targets.


It may not come as a surprise that the M249 is on the list because this has to be one of the most random and interesting CSGO weapons in the game. You rarely see it in action because it costs tons of money, and its damage is not as high as you might think. However, this machine makes up for it by having the largest magazine in CSGO and the ability to spray targets with little to no effort.

There are many reasons why this CSGO weapon is not that good. In addition to the lack of damage, the M249 has a massive recoil that is hard to control. So, once you start shooting at someone, this person will most likely kill you before you even realize it.

Another problem with this gun is its insane reloading time. At around 6s reloading time, it is almost impossible to reload in a shootout, which is why you never see it in action.


Even though some CSGO players think that the M249 is the worst weapon in the game, others will lean toward the Sawed-Off shotgun. This gun is only available on the T side and costs $1100. People who get it will have a magazine size of 7 and a total of 32 rounds to work with. 

With a reload time of 3.2 seconds, this is not the fastest shotgun in the game. This may not seem like a lot, but it is more than enough for your enemies to kill you. However, this is not the biggest problem because this title goes to its lack of range.

It is safe to say that this is probably the worst CSGO weapon in the game regarding long-rage fights. You can’t kill anyone unless he is in front of you, which means that this shotgun is only good when you’re rushing a bomb site. 

Of course, we also have to mention that you are quite slow when running with it, which is another drawback. The only good thing about the weapon is that you can get $900 for a kill in competitive, which can make it extremely rewarding. Sadly, landing kills with the Sawed-Off is easier said than done.


The last gun we want to include on the list is also a pistol. Interestingly, it costs around $500, takes around 2.8s to reload, and has a magazine capacity of 12. On top of that, the gun’s reserve ammo limit is 12, and it has a running speed of 240. Although these stats might seem interesting, they are not that impressive compared to other CSGO pistols.

What’s interesting is that this gun was popular before, but nowadays, most people avoid it. That said, you are free to give it a try because it is the only automatic pistol in the game.

CSGO: 5 Guns You Should Avoid Using Unless it’s Absolutely Necessary
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